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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled...

I'll admit, I sometimes censor myself when I sit down to write posts. There's so much great work fodder I could write about, but then I'd probably get fired. So I won't, but let me just say it would be a very entertaining read.

Then there's my whole separated parent's thing, but my mom would rather me not talk about it to the masses, which I understand and respect.

Or how about the crappy floors downstairs in the extra bedroom - in which I ripped the carpet out in a fit of rage because I was sick of the dog peeing in the house. I'm getting hardwoods this year if I have to eat beans and rice and rice and beans every night for dinner.

Then there's the 50lbs I want to lose this year. Ha! It's been the same new year's resolution for the past 10 years. I only did it once and I put it all back on. And I thought I was fat in high school!!!!! I'd give anything to be that size again.

Maybe it's the January blues getting me - they get me every year.  Do I need to up the Effexor a bit? Don't ask my husband. I went off on him just last week about his attitude. He believes it's his God-given right to sit in his chair and watch football or basketball all weekend. Needless to say, when I got home one day last week he'd cleaned the yard of 9 bags of leaves, hung a mirror in the bath and did a couple loads of laundry. Sometimes he just needs a little nudging...

Ok, I feel better now, thanks.
Back to our regularly scheduled upbeat posts.


  1. January is a tough month. After the distractions of the holidays, one is faced with reality. Extra pounds, cluttered house, rainy cold days. Some of us just don't hibernate well. But chin up! It's almost over and we'll get our good humor back again in spite of the same o same o!

  2. wendy, I love you in spite of all those things you think about yourself.
    you are a wonderful wife and mom and when all is said and done, what more is there. xo A

  3. Girl I know what you mean! We had a dog and I literally had a break down because the dog kept peeing on my carpet. I told my husband if I didn't get hardwood floors I was going to go insane. We got hardwood, and got rid of the dog! WIN win! hehe!

    You're beautiful, but I am here for you if you need encouragement on the whole weight loss thing. You know where to find me! :)

  4. You are so not alone! January is a beeotch. Gray skies, tight clothes, cabin fever... BTW, I am dying to have you do a Valentine. Now I just need to get my 3 girls to stop fighting for 17 seconds so I can get a picture *sigh*

  5. I really hate January and this year is no exception...I don't know if it is the weather or the fact it's a new year and we start off with facing TAX SEASON...Well that is surely enough to put anyone in a bad mood...

    And you're right, hubands need to be reminded of how things are every once in awhile...Thank God my Husband of Wonder doesn't watch sports, at least I don't have to battle that old fight....

  6. Ugh... totally with you on the sports thing. And my husband is about to start COACHING again too... ugh

  7. Everyone I talk to seems to be having the same type of January! Is there something in the air?

    Just know, you are not alone!

  8. I feel for you. January isn't my favorite month either. I have had such a hard time getting back in the swing of things since the first of the year. And lordy, I went off on my husband last weekend for over an hour. Nothing that hasn't been said before and I am still amazed the man needs me to monitor, list, check off and SUGGEST chores constantly. I have 20 employees and three kids to do that for. I refuse to also do it for him. So I told him it was him for a paid housekeeper and personal errand runner. ha!

  9. I think we can all relate.I have a cat using the fireplace for a kitty litter box and another using my husbands clothes. I am mad about the fireplace but if my husband would pick his clothes up off the floor we'd have less of a problem =)

  10. I feel for ya!

    I've been working on the diet thing-not happening.

    {as I'm sitting here eating delish pizza rolls}


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