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TEN plastic surgeries in one day? Really?

I haven't commented on pop culture on the blog lately, but couldn't resist when I saw the pics of the "new" Heidi. Is it just me, or does she kinda look like Whitney now?

She actually said in her interview with Good Morning America this morning that she believes, "beauty is all about what's on the inside." Another report read: Her chest is now a "triple D," but she still wants to go bigger. "F. I like the F. I actually want H for Heidi."

It's sad that she is only 23 years old and she has already had all of this work done. She's gonna look like Joan Rivers by the time she's 35.

What do you guys think?


  1. Okay..I have to admit:
    IF i could have plastic sx done...
    I'd do it in a heartbeat!!

    But yes, your right.
    not to this extreme!

    I'd def. get a pair a Boobs!!

  2. She doesn't look good anymroe. Before her "flaws" gave her character, now her jaw is too strong and manly, she looks fake and I just think it's rediculous. She's younger than me and needs to go to therapy for self-esteem issues, IMHO!!

  3. She's going to end up being a train wreck.

  4. haha look like joan are sooooooo right!!!

  5. it's just sad that her self image is so poor that she has to do this to herself to "feel" better. ps, her after face looks like she's mid thirties, not mid twenties.

    love your blog btw!


  6. I think she looks like a cross between Whitney and Tori Spelling (seriously, check out the nose). This is absolutely ridiculous and I hate that many young girls are thinking they, too, will "need" to do this in a few years. This is a horrible example to set.

    I didn't have a problem with the first set of implants because they looked semi-natural, but putting something bigger than two of my heads on your chest is a teensy bit ludicrous.

  7. She could have stopped at just the brow lift (I never realized what a difference it makes). But I'm with you....TOO MUCH!

  8. Yuck! I am certainly not against plastic surgery but I have to agree with the others, she's gone too far. Her boobs look stupid and frankly, I think she looks WAY too much like Hef's former girlfriend Holly who is very "plastic" looking herself. I find it sad.

  9. I understand plastic surgery to fix an problem but I don't understand this kind...She looked great before all this remodeling..I admit I would like to jack my hair up and drive a new body under it but that is because I'm old..LOL I want the body back I had at 20...I think this is just Sad...

  10. i read an article that called her "Heidi : 3.0" appropriate...

  11. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. All that money and pain and risk...and she doesn't even really look THAT different. I mean yes I can tell there was work done...but she was pretty before....why can't people just be happy with out God made them!!!?? It's like her saying "God you've obviously made a huge mistake when making me and now I'm going to get Dr. Quacks to fix it"

  12. Yikes! What a disaster. Now, I'd go for a nose job in a HEART beat myself, but what she's done is overkill.

    And who told her those oversized boobs would look good on her mini-frame?

  13. So sad :( I can't imagine living in that world, but this girl sure thinks Heidi was much cuter on season one of The Hills where she was natural.

  14. I would have been happy just to have her "before" body!!

    Totally agree about the Joan Rivers at 35 comment!

  15. Wow, this is unreal. I'm glad they titled the spread "Obsessed" because she obviously is. And yeah, definitely going to look like Joan Rivers at this rate.

  16. It's just so sad to me. She was beautiful before and now just looks so fake. I wonder what goes on in a person's mind that makes them think they need THAT much plastic surgery. I'm not opossed to ps but 10 procedures in one day is just crazy.

  17. I normally don't like what a person looks like when they have a ton of surgery. But she must have had a great surgeon because she looks better, minus the huge boobs. But I think its ridiculous to be this obsessed with your looks. I think the attention and fame have gone to her head.

  18. i would consider having work done. but not that level of work. i read the article in people, looked at the pictures...she was very pretty to begin with. now she looks like a wax figure. if her breasts get any larger...well i don't think it would be a good thing!

    i read about her today on huffington post, apparently she can't move her face much, even affecting the way she talks.


  19. I think she looked better before.

  20. This is a sad commentary on our pop culture crazy society circa 2010. In the area where I live the girls get breast enhancements for their "sweet sixteen" and it is just a given. Sooooooo sad!


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