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So THIS is Christmas


When I was in my twenties I remember thinking that being a grown up at Christmas was probably pretty depressing. Santa doesn't come anymore, you have to do all the cooking, present wrapping and cleaning, the presents get smaller and everyone focuses on the kids.

Now that I have my own child, Christmas has really turned into more fun that when I was a kid and I realize that Christmas isn't about presents and how much Santa is going to bring - it's about the memories and the traditions that you establish. (And yes, I know it's about the celebration of the birth of Christ as well, and that story and meaning of Christmas is always part of our traditions as well)

I've tried to bake cookies with my son Walker every year, along with visiting Santa, going to Christmas events around our town and enjoying the Christmas music and decorations at church. I am a stickler for tradition - just ask my mom. Every year growing up - and now still - we have oyster stew for Christmas Eve, I help her decorate the mantel in the den, we ride and see lights and we make Christmas goodies (usually strawberry candy and breakfast for Christmas morning). 

I guess I've started doing the same sort of things with my family, not even stopping to realize that I'm a grown-up at Christmas now and I love it just as much as I did then (and maybe even more!). The joy of seeing your own child at Christmas is such a special experience, and something I hope my little man can pass on to his family one day.


  1. Great pictures! And I'm like you, I'm a stickler for tradition too!

  2. What memories! We will be in the Boro by the 23rd. I hope to spend some time with you before the insanity hits!


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