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Sunday afternoon it was finally cold enough to build our first fire of the season. Mike and I both love a real fire and the fireplace is one of the reasons we bought our house four years ago.

Being the Girl Scout I am, I always want to go out in the yard, gather up twigs and sticks, build up the fire gradually and then throw on the logs when it's hot enough.

Mike always wants to run to the grocery store and buy a fake log.

Sunday, I was convinced we could get a fire going without "cheating", so the little guy and I went out in the yard, collected sticks, balled up newspaper, piled everything in the fireplace and lit it up. It was a beautiful fire for about two minutes, then it died. I tried this for about an hour, convinced I could prove Mike that we didn't need the fake log. After an hour, he took over and tried, still saying we should just go buy a log, but I wouldn't let him...I was gonna prove him wrong.

Another hour later, and about five false starts, he got a log, and we had our fire. Oh well, I tried.
Next time maybe I'll Google it.



  1. I remember trying to start a fire with only logs,,,,,no good kindling. It was so frustrating!!!!

  2. Oooooo I love Fireplaces....but not the only source of heat. Yuk. I freeze to death!
    Congrats on your fire :)
    Cheating is so much better :)

  3. I would've done the same thing :) Love your tree!

  4. Haha I love how you mentioned Girl Scouts! I was one too (and am a lifetime member!). I LOVE fires but they do take long sometimes. Oh well - sometimes it's the journey thats all worth it!

  5. Ha, that sounds like a story that will come out next year, and the next...

    Beautiful tree!

  6. I'm with ya. I have the hardest time getting a fire going. Well, at least the log worked!

    Stopped over from SITS!

  7. We have had a lot of fires so far...I am known to have a fire even when it's 50 degrees...I love them!

    sandy toe

    p.s. Merry Christmas to you!

  8. Congrats on your winning the MckMama give away!!

  9. Congrats on winning LightRoom!!

  10. congrads on winning light room from mckmamma

  11. I don't know if you are interested but here is a firestarter that my husband uses all the time.... take an empty cardboard egg carton...fill the holes with sawdust an old pot melt all those old candles ...pour melted over sawdust and let them be. Next time you want a fire cut off two or three and put them on the wadded up paper used for starting the fire...light paper and let it go....never fails. And there is no waxy is all burned away.


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