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Pure Genius

Dooce does it again.

I love to read Heather Armstrong's witty postings at, and often come across some of the hateful comments people leave on her blog. She may not be for everyone, but I just don't understand why people even take the time to leave nasty comments on a blog they profess to hate.

But Heather has taken these lemons and made some wicked lemonade. She's started a blog devoted entirely to the hate-mail she gets and has loaded it up with tons of ads. So, basically, she's actually making money off of all those comments and throwing it back in their face. Pure genius if you ask me.

It's called Monetizing the Hate and you can check it out by clicking here.*

*I do not support the sometimes harsh language on this site, but do think it's a great way to fight against the blog haters.


  1. dooce was the first blog I ever read regularly...she really does get some crazy hate that she is "cashing" in!

  2. How funny...another blogger posted the same topic yesterday! (Technical Support) I went to the site and it's really funny! I love her idea for the hate mail, great way to take something bad and turn it into a profit for herself!

  3. Dooce was one of the first blogs I ever read. What a great idea to profit from something so negative!

  4. Dooce was the first blog in my reader, I believe, and I just LOVE this!!!! LOVE IT! So funny and clever. And I CANNOT BELIEVE that people take time to send her such HORRIBLE messages. Lame.


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