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Is It Too Early...

to put up Halloween decorations? I don't really care...I already have them up even though my husband thinks I'm crazy.

My sister and I both love Halloween - and when I say I love, I mean it makes us all giddy inside, like we've been eating chocolate for three days straight. We love any kind of Halloween decoration, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, and all of the fun activities surrounding the big day. I don't know where this comes from - maybe we just had so much fun as kids at Halloween. Living in the country, you couldn't really do trick-or-treating door-to-door, but my mom would always pile us in the car and take us to people's houses to fill up our plastic candy bags with the reflector stickers. I remember my grandmother would always have a special treat for us and we'd always go to the Halloween carnival at my mom's school.

Soooooo...I've got to pass these traditions on to the little guy, right? To kick off this Halloween season, I hit up Target last weekend with my little man. We had a blast and spent about two hours in the Halloween section trying on costumes and playing with the noisy decorations.

Here's my guy, as Darth Vader (it looks cute with the Mickey Mouse T-shirt, right?). He puts it on and he says, right on cue, "Luke...I am your faaaaather...."


Then there was this little dancing ghost. Dancing ghost, yeah, we've seen that before, but this ghost dances to "The Way I Are" by Timbaland. That was hilarious.


Then, the fun little stuff I picked up for the house. I mean, how cute are those candy corn cups? And I figure I can use the monster cereal bowls all year long. I thought this stuff was cute, but not scary - and they have tons more that go with this line to throw a fun Halloween party!



  1. Absolutely not too early!! Enjoy the fun and keep it light-hearted!! A time that I always associated with CANDY!! and the color ORANGE!!!

  2. I put mine up a couple weeks ago! though i haven't ventured to the outside with them yet. Will start that this weekend! I love Halloween!!

  3. It's definitely not too early to set up halloween decorations... as long as they come down november first and are promptly replaced by thanksgiving decor! :P

  4. I love Halloween so it's never too early in my book!

  5. I am obsessed with Halloween as well and actually just got back from Target! I am trying to hold off until October 1 to decorate

  6. No, not too early for Halloween! A note to Target, though, it is too early for Christmas!

  7. How fun is that??!!
    No, not too early b/c of the fact: there is not another Holiday until Halloween....
    But I do love decorating for fall...I'm putting out my decor this weekend! EEKKK!!! You got me all giddy now :)

  8. Girl, It's never too early to decorate for Halloween. My mom does it on the 1st of October.

    Your son looks tooooo cute

    I love halloween at Hobby Lobby and Target
    Too many cute things.

  9. I just bought a bunch of Halloween decorations today to put up this week at our house.

    AUGUST isn't even too early in my book! :)

  10. I love Halloween too! The decorations are so fun! I say if Hobby Lobby already has out Christmas stuff then you can definitely decorate for Halloween!!!

  11. I love Halloween too! I think it's time!

  12. I love Hallowen too. I started pulling out my decorations last weekend and my husband looked at me like I was crazy...I am trying to show a little restraint till the beginning of Oct though.

  13. Of course it's not too early! We've been brainstorming costumes for almost a month!

  14. heck not its not too early! I would put them up in August if i could :) oh man i just love halloween!

  15. heck not its not too early! I would put them up in August if i could :) oh man i just love halloween!


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