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The Golf Whisperer

They call my husband "The Golf Whisperer" at his club because he's so good at what he does. He's a professional golf instructor and some days gives up to seven or eight lessons. He can just look at your swing one time and tell you what's wrong. He can watch Tiger hit the ball on TV and tell you which way it's going to go. Some of his kids he's worked with have gone to college on golf scholarships, and some of the retired people he's worked with have shaved strokes off their game after playing for years.

I like to watch golf on TV and grew up hitting balls with my dad, but I personally have no desire to chase a ball around for 18 holes of golf- but the little guy certainly has the bug. Santa brought him golf clubs for his second Christmas and he's never really looked back. He loves to go to the course with daddy on Sunday afternoons or hit balls in our yard. My husband claims he's never seen a four-year old hit the ball like our little guy, but I'm sure he may be a bit biased.

I'm secretly hoping maybe he'll be a little protégé. I certainly wouldn't complain about being a mommie to a golf star, but you WILL NOT catch me wearing all red on Sundays to color-coordinate with him.




  1. Your son is so cute! My son loves golf too.

  2. Not that I am completely unbiased, but I think his stance is amazing! His follow through looks better than most adults I have seen play. If he goes pro I'm going to go on ESPN and tell embarrassing stories about him from his childhood. That's just how I roll.

  3. that is so cute and so much fun, I bet Hubby loves it too!=)

  4. Be still my heart! MaMa

  5. That's awesome! I harbor hopes for some future college scholarships myself!!!

  6. What an awesome picture!! My sons and I love playing golf, my husband hates it. My boys love the competition. Me? I like any game where I can crack a beer at 7:30 in the morning, not get any strange looks and drive a golf cart all day.

    Remember, if you drink don't drive and for God's sake, don't try to putt....

  7. Look at his little swing! That's amazing :)

  8. So cute! And seriously-- teach me how to use my Canon Rebel! :)

    I was just saying this morning how Todd is going to have Hudson swinging a club by the time he can walk!

  9. It is very important to have a good instructor if you learning at this age. Golf is a very technical game can only be mastered by practicing.


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