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I Need an IKEA

My cousin requested my assistance in updating window treatments in four rooms of her house. She just happens to live about five minutes from the only IKEA in North Carolina and I'd never been to one, so what better place to pick up some curtains on the cheap?

She brought her little girl, and I brought the little man, of course. The place was crazy busy - we North Carolinians like design too - and there were no regular carts available, so we had to get a cart that you attach a bright yellow IKEA bag to. At one point I had two kids hanging off my cart, and those wheels are greased so well, it took myself and the little guy to turn the cart on the slick concrete floors (and my slick-bottom Rainbows didn't help much either).

We decided to have lunch in the IKEA cafeteria (I'd heard the meatballs were amazing) and we got great food, on the cheap as well. You can even buy the food they serve in a market area after the check-out (I picked up some meatballs for hubs and he loved them). Eventually, the kids got tired of shopping, so we checked the little guy into the play area (I had no idea IKEA was so kid-friendly!) and we carried a buzzer around in case he needed us.

I picked up a new king-sized comforter cover, two new wall lamps, a decorative pillow, two bed pillows, a throw, meatballs, wall hardware to hang little man's art, 4 cork boards to make some more jewelry boards...and a couple of other small doo-dads - for around $180.00. I'm working on updating my bedroom and will show pics soon - this is a bit of the inspiration for the look (the comforter I got is the green and white one):


So I got online this morning to see if IKEA has any plans to come to Raleigh/Durham and I didn't see anything, but I did find this petition that I thought I'd share with you to help get IKEA's attention: IKEA! Raleigh-Durham, NC Wants You! Locals, please sign it and help you and me get our IKEA fix on whenever we need to!

See you at IKEA!


  1. LOVE IT! YES! We totally need IKEA! I've only been to the one in Atlanta!

  2. Cool! I live in Raleigh, and I'll definitely sign this. Those are great prices.

  3. I'm getting really good at putting that furniture together--a couple of times and you get how they do it and you're in business. I hate, hate, hate the one in Atlanta, but that's probably because the only time I ever go there is the same week everybody else with a child moving in at Georgia Tech is there, too.

    But the cinnamon rolls totally rock.

  4. Love that photo inspiration - such a clean, yet warm look for fall!

    And yes, you should have an IKEA nearby, if only for the Swedish meatballs in the restaurant (but the stuff is neat too)!

  5. An Ikea in Raleigh would be wonderful, I'll sign it now !

  6. There is an Ikea in Atlanta, but I have never been. I must go now! I can't believe you got all those things so cheap! That's amazing!

  7. I need one too! The closest one is in toronto (4 hours!). UGH.

  8. So happy that there is one as close as Charlotte (no more trips to Atl or MD) but I still haven't been to it! I just glad Raleigh is finally getting a Trader Joes!!!!

  9. I love that store!!! The closest one to me is about 2 hours away. booo
    Hope you have a great weekend and cant wait to see your finished room = )

  10. I love this bedroom set. And, you header for this month is beyond adorable!! Great work, as always!!!

  11. Just don't put it in our neighborhood. IKEA moving in causes horrible traffic wherever they go.

  12. You can't get an IKEa. I need you to come see me when you cant to go!

  13. I think I'm ok shopping while in Charlotte, it's too overwhelming to go on the regular ;-) There's always, too!

  14. is useless. 95% of their items, they won't ship.

  15. I live about 10 minutes from the one here in Charlotte and I am trying to remember what I did before it finally arrived

  16. We have nice accent pillows on our sofa.

    It seems everytime I visit up North, folks say I have an "accent". Then, they ask me do I play the banjo and things of that nature. What's up with that!?!

  17. Oh, I can only dream of an Ikea in the Triangle. Before the new Charlotte one, we used to drive up to Woodbridge VA to get our Ikea fix. I swear the majority of my house is furnished with Ikea. I hope they hear you. ;)


  18. So, I'm sorry to say that I don't read your blog I happend upon it through Mckmama's blogfrog thingy!!

    But when I read the Ikea post I had to comment.

    If it were possible to be in love with a store "I am in love with IKEA." They just opened one up here in Tampa, FL. I just bought a couch, entertainment center, bookcase, end table, chair and a few other misc items for my living room all for $1000. Where else can I do that????

    "SO" in love with that store. So for your sake I absolutley agree you need an IKEA in Raliegh-Durham.

  19. Can I network with someone at the IKEA in Woodbridge, VA? They have an item that has been discontinued that I need and it is a 10 hour drive for me. I would like to know if I could pay someone to ship it to me? Thanks!


  20. Just discovered this. We went to Ikea in Charlotte last weekend. It was awesome! Ikea, please build in the Raleigh/Durham area! The Triangle area almost has the population of Charlotte. But, you would get central and eastern NC as well!


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