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A Southern Giveaway

I haven't had a giveaway in a while, so when I hit the local bookstore and they were having a sale, I got inspired. I headed to the local interest section and found some great southern-inspired books for you guys. I'm giving away two sets of books to two lucky winners! The books are:


  1. now just tell me,walker.
    Is it budda or butter?

  2. My favorite southern saying is fixin to.

  3. Oh, I love me some good southern writing! I think my favorite saying just might be, "I swaneee" or maybe, "I'm just sayin', is all." It's a tie.

  4. I think y'all is a great word...I'm a Yankee and still get a giggle out of hearing people say "I'm fixin'.." or calling a shopping bag a "sack"!

  5. I never know, "I'm just sayin' is all" was not something common for everyone?! lol Here are mine:

    - "fixin' to..."
    - "Oh honey, ..."
    - "Well, bless your heart!"
    - "sweetie pie"/ "sweetie poo"
    - "Goodness gracious!"

    Oh how I love southern culture!

    These books look fabulous! Hope I win!!!

  6. Too many favorites to name them all ...
    -telling a story" instead of Lying
    -neked in lieu of naked
    -y'all used in any sentence
    -fixin to

  7. My husband (born and bred in the South) still calls lunch > dinner and dinner > supper. He confuses the heck out of people.

    Luv your blogspot.

  8. "Bless her heart!"

    Usually said right before we cut some hopeless girl during Rush.

  9. Great giveaway!
    There are so many that I know I am not thinking of right now...
    fixin' to

  10. It is hard for me to come up with my favorite southern saying...well maybe because I left right smack dab in East Tennessee!

    But I love how we say "bless their heart" and it seems to make anything you say about someone ok!

  11. What a cute giveaway!
    My favorite Southern Sayings are:
    "I'm fixin' to"
    "Bless your heart"
    "hold your horses"
    "chicken with his head cut off"

    And many more, but those are off the top of my head!

  12. "Bless their heart" and "tacky" are my favorite sayings.

  13. I'd LOVE these books! My favorite southern saying is hearing Blondie's grandmother "MeMe" say, "Well I do declare..."

  14. "Bless you're little heart" --- I'm from the North but my Mom says that all the time!

  15. Oh yay! What a FUN giveaway. I may have to re-post on my also southern blog to send some southern love your way.

    I think my favorite sayings are sayings really at all, just good manners!

    Using "sir", "ma'am", and "y'all be safe"!

  16. what fun! mine is "thank grits is friday" or "dont forget the whole magilla"

  17. So fun. Man, I'm sure I'll think of a million other "favorites" after this, but at the moment, "Y'all come back now, ya hear?" is coming to mind.

  18. Big fun!

    I'm from Texas. We tend to have our own, uh, phraseology all together! A few of my favorites:

    - They ate supper before they said grace ("immoral" behavior)

    - He's all hat and no cattle (big talker)

    - She's got a lot of stars in her crown (happy)

  19. It's been said several times, but "bless his/her heart" - it seems like you can get away with saying anything about someone if you start or end your sentence with bless their heart!

  20. Being born and bred in the south I love all of the aforementioned "sayings" but one of my favorites from my childhood (when treats were being handed out) was , "You get what you get and be thankful for it". Goodness gracious, I heard this sooooo many times from my nanny, bless her heart! Fun giveaway!

  21. "How's ya mom n dem?"
    "Where y'at?"
    Would love either of these books!!

  22. These books look like fun!

    I think my favorite is..."Fixin' to"...just a classic!

  23. What a fun giveaway! My favorite Southern Sayings are:

    1. Lawd have Mercy!
    2. Y'all
    3. I swanee (typically insert Husband's name here). :)

  24. My favorite is "bless your heart . . ."

  25. Well I find myself using Bless your heart, more and more. I try not to say fixin to, but just can't help it/ha

  26. Born and Bred southern style! I am from West TN and we tend to talk very southern! I just love it!

    I love saying "Ya'll"

    I eat supper not dinner!

    I love hearing my Grandmother say "Now yall come back now ya hear"

    Ma'am and Sir, ALWAYS! We might be southern but we do know our manners.

  27. my favorites....

    "if you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me"

    a little lewd but when someone's very angry he or she is full of piss and vinegar......

  28. "Bless his heart" and "Y'all" are can't live withouts!

  29. I'm from south Georgia and when guests are getting ready to head home, they often say, "Y'all come go with us."

  30. These books look great! I'm from the midwest so I don't really have a southern saying. I wish I did though! I love a Southern Accent! :)

  31. Love your blog! As a native Tennessean now living in Seattle, I've become more aware of just how different we southerners are. A few of my favorites are:
    -Bless your heart
    -That dog won't hunt
    -Fixin to
    -Chester Drawers

  32. You always have the best pictures.

    My step-mom (from Tennessee) says, "Well bless your little pumpkin heart." Although it SOUNDS like, "Well bless yur lil punkin heart!"

  33. Mine is "bless his heart" or "bless her heart." Especially if you say them after saying something mean about someone.

  34. I "might could" leave a comment, if I could think of one "y'all!!!"

  35. My Mama has always said this, and I haven't done it but I'm bettin it's true - "If you marry for money, you will end up earning every dime".

  36. "Y'all" is the southern "word" that I use constantly!!!

    I would love to win either of these books!! Thanks for doing this!

  37. Okay, this might not be a saying, but my family is all from Louisiana and says this, "What do grits taste like if you eat them with a fork? ...a fork!" Of course, they switch it depending on the utensil. :)

  38. I used to say "bless her heart" all of the time and love saying it, but my friends would pick on it, so I tried to stop as much. I also use "y'all" all of the time :) I've never read these books, but they look like fun reads! Thanks.

  39. My South Carolina Friend always calls a shopping cart a "buggy" and a hair band a "buddy." It always makes us skip a beat when she asks us for an extra buddy!!!

  40. Lisa from Growing Up Southern.... sent me and I would looooove both books!

    My favorite Southern saying would be "You can put a kitten in the oven, but that don't make it a biscuit!" A sorority sister of mine used to say that all the time.

  41. Hi, great giveaway!

    I would have to go with y'all

  42. I have only lived in the South for two months, so I haven't made up mind on a favorite saying. For now, I am just happy to finally be here.

  43. Hi! My favorite Southern sayings are:

    "It's out/in/over YONDER"
    "How're you and yourn?"
    "How's your Mama and 'em?"
    "That's just fine as frog's hair!"

    Bumblebees and Bugladies

  44. Bless her heart....she's givin' stuff away! :)

    xoxoxoox Anna

  45. My favorite saying is from another Southern book, The Southern Belle Primer..."Your smile can be fake, your bosom can be fake, your hair color can be fake, but your pearls and your silver must always be real!"

  46. What a great give away!

    My favorites are:
    -Howz ya momma 'n dem?
    -Bless your heart

  47. I've met Shellie Tomlinson- actually I helped bring her grandchild into the world.

    Super sweet and truly a lady.

    I keep forgetting to look for her book when I go into a book store. It would be fabulous to win it!

  48. I'm all about alright then (pronounced "ite den' LOL!

  49. What a fun giveaway!! I'm a Yankee so I think I'm going to go with Y'all!!

  50. Those look like fun books! Y'all is my favorite saying...

  51. As a yankee tranplant, I knew I was in the south when my very cute southern friend was able to pleasantly acknowledge a huge derriere by adding, "Bless her little heart."

  52. Some of my favorites are of course:
    y'all come back now,ye hear
    I'm fixin to....
    bless her little pea picking heart
    It'n that just precious
    and "sweet milk" as opposed to buttermilk.
    nite,nite,sleep, don't let the bedbugs bite

  53. My grandmother referred to her underwear as "step-ins" and I was told more than once that I'd better not "get too big for my britches", which meant to watch my attitude!

  54. My favorite is always going to be "bless her heart." No matter what awful thing you have to say about someone, that just makes it okay.

  55. Would love to win! i would have to say yall is my favorite!

  56. Count me in. I have many favorite southern sayings, but I do have only one favorite southern season: Football season. Go Tigers!

  57. Favorite southern endearment: sug or sugar. LOVE to hear it!!!

  58. My favorite southern saying is "it's hot as all get out!"

  59. OMG I hope I win. If not, I may have to just order these books! After now being home from our trip to the South, I am missing all things Southern!

    My Southernisms...
    Kiss My Grits
    Bless Your Heart
    Sweeter than Sweet Tea
    Fixin' To

  60. And of course, there's always...
    "Honey, if I were any better I'd be twins!"

  61. All time favorite


    Over Yonder

    Up under

    John Brown-it

    Because I said so

    My mom calls skim milk - "sweet milnk" No I did spell it wrong, she just pronounces it with an "n" sound in the word - DRIVES ME CRAZY

  62. "Hey y'all" andn"Sweet Tea Please" are my personal faves!!


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