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A Pain in the...

But really, I do have a seriously sore butt. TMI? No, think of this as a public service announcement.

I've been having severe pain in my behind for several months now and I've recently visited Dr. Web, MD, and diagnosed myself as having Piriformis Syndrome, occurring when the sciatic nerve is compressed or otherwise irritated by the piriformis muscle causing pain, tingling and numbness in the buttocks and along the path of the sciatic nerve descending down the lower thigh and into the leg. (aka, pain in the buttocks)

Causes of piriformis syndrome include: running (nope, not me), injury (I think I'd remember falling that hard on my butt) and sitting for long periods of time (hmmmm... could it be the endless amounts of conference calls, meetings and e-mails are giving me a pain in the butt????).

Solution: I think work needs to order me one of these: A TrekDesk. How cool would it be to be able to work and exercise at the same time???? Anyone ever seen one of these in person? Photobucket


  1. Hopefully, that chair would do the trick!!! My best friend complained of this while we were in college. However, come to find out, she had a cyst on her tailbone which was causing the pain. Hope it gets better!!!!

  2. I hope you feel better soon!

    This picture reminds me of a special I saw on TV.
    There is a scientist who has people walk slowly on a treadmill throughout their entire day, literally.
    The research was rather amazing.

  3. I would love to have one of those!

  4. I just tweeted this morning that I want one of those desks! I have never seen one in person but I think it would be so neat to have!

  5. Have you ever considered sitting on an exercise ball? They are supposed to great for posture and core strength. I'd personally probably sweat all over that desk and computer and if I had to share space with someone it would most certainly smell like a gym!!!! But maybe you could skype with people and go for a walk/run together...

  6. oh. my. god.

    hysterical! i have never seen any such thing. ha!

    i feel for you...after a skiing accident i suffered the same pain for months and it was NO FUN AT ALL!

  7. I would LOVE to have one of these! That would be amazing!!

  8. Actually, my husband has the same condition - sorry you have to deal with it, since it sounds very painful.

    That being said, what an excuse to get that desk! I'd love one, too, actually

  9. oh.
    i SO need one.
    they just need to come with a jeweler's bench like this.

  10. i must have one of those desks :) fabulous!

  11. Ask your doctor about LYRICA for nerve pain. My hubby said it was the only med that truly helped his pain in his back and butt when he ruptured a disc that pinched his sciatic. It's designed for fibromyalgia patients, but it really helped him!

  12. I would totally fail because i can hardly walk and listen to my ipod.

  13. I love your blog! I so wish I had a souther accent :) LOL. Your blog is cute and I just have to tell you that since having my kiddos, I have lower back pain that goes into and around my left hip. It is awful sometimes and I know it is from carrying them around for so long. As a mom though, I have been searching for safer ways of treating aches and pains in our home and have found Topricin pain is natural and safe! I love it, it helps, the end. Seriously though, I hope you get this figured out, it really stinks to get older huh? :)

  14. I NEED ONE OF THESE TOO!!!!!!!

  15. I want one!!! But I would probably stand still and blog/ha

  16. Aww, feel better! I'd love to have one of these desks... but I'm a klutz and would prefer not to fall off the treadmill during a conference call. :-)

  17. Oh wow! What next? Maybe a computer desk with a toilet attached.

  18. I just can't see using that, but it's prolly cause I'm lazy! It is a fun twist on getting your workout, though!

  19. I want one of these SO badly! I think they might be the greatest thing since the internet... Just saying. :)

  20. We go to the same Drs. office. I go to your doctors associate though, Dr. Google. He just diagnosed me with the same thing but mine IS from running. I wonder, should we get second opinions?

    Feel better.


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