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Do You Remember the Time?

I'm a bit grumpy today, a bit sad. You may laugh, but for my generation, Michael Jackson was our Elvis, our Beatles. It's a sad day to say goodbye to such a reminder of my youth. I know, he probably had a lot to do with his downfall, and I'll admit I'd forgotten about him recently, but all of the music being played during the last week brings back so many great memories.

My most vivid memory: 27 January, 1984 - I'd finally convinced my mom and dad to buy me the Thriller album. I was nine. I remember getting into our car that evening and hearing the news that Michael had been injured while filming the Pepsi commercial. I was distraught that my idol had been hurt, relieved when news reported that he was OK. I was convinced that one day, I'd get him to sign that empty space inside the album, just above the little tiger (if you had the album, you know what I'm talking about).

When I won a contest in third grade, the whole class got to watch a movie - I selected the Thriller video. Yep, I knew the dance too. My music teacher had a poster of Michael in his Off the Wall days in the class, and I couldn't believe he ever existed before Thriller.

I had the Thriller album, the Bad cassette and Dangerous on CD. My iPod is filled with his music and I've introduced my son to him as well. Yes, he had issues, but his music is magical.

Thanks for the magic Michael.


  1. We are saying goodbye to a legend today. True, he was eccentric and some of his actions perhaps questionable, but there is no denying his iconic status in our pop culture history. I spent many an hour choreographing dances to his music in my backyard!

  2. So sad, that his marks on this world, included something so disgusting. None the less....definitely the Elvis of our time!

  3. I was getting tired of all the coverage & wasn't really sad, until this morning. I almost started crying during The Early Show. I want one of the shirts people on the street were selling. I guess it didn't hit me until today. The service today was very moving.

  4. He was an amazing artist and an amazing person. I will miss him so much. So sad.

  5. It's very sad... no matter what people say about his life, his music rocked and will always be there. He is the Elvis of our times.

  6. Yor're right about him being our Elvis, our Beatles. It's very sad.
    ( I'm visiting from SITS)


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