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You Can Go Home Again?

Yesterday we decided to drive by our old townhome to see if the little guy remembered anything about living there. He was one when we moved to our current house, so I wasn't sure if he would. I also wanted to sneak around the back to see how my little flower garden was managing.

We drove up and immediately saw a for sale sign in the yard. The front door was open, so we walked up to it and knocked. I figured if they are selling, then they probably don't care if we look. The lady came to the door and let us in.

It was really strange to see "my house" with someone else's interpretations. They left the kitchen "chili pepper red", as I'd painted it, but had painted cream paint over the great green and white stripes I'd painstakingly painted, measured and taped off in the bathroom. The garden was getting along well, basically without any assistance. I took a peek and the ivy and ground coverings I'd planted almost seven years ago were now plush, vibrant and all grown up!

But the biggest change was the nursery, which used to be painted a soft baby blue. My dad installed the beadboard and crown molding. I'd picked out the light fixture at Lowes, to add a little magic to my little guy's room. They left pretty much everything except the blue paint, but it certainly doesn't look like a nursery anymore.


I remembered when we moved out, I stood in that room and cried when I saw the little pee stains on the wall over the changing table, where the little guy used to play target practice whenever we'd change his diaper. The place certainly felt a lot smaller than it used to.


  1. We went back to our old house not to long ago as well (it's only about a mile away actually!) and we both couldn't believe how small it felt and how we ever managed to live there without tripping over each other. Funny, because when we lived there, it was our castle!

  2. I've gone back to visit an old house before and it was much smaller than I remembered it. Sometimes our memories are much better than going back to revisit.

  3. Somehow, nothing ever feels exactly the same when you go back. Time and nostalgia make it all better. :-)

  4. It's a little disheartening to see what people do with our old homes, isnt? It's just never the same and doesn't have the same feel as when your own family and things were there.


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