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Free Fretwork

I've become obsessed with the Chippendale Fretwork print. I didn't know what it was called (or even how to start looking for it), until I did a little Google research but I finally came across some info on Thomas Chippendale, the 18th century furniture maker. Thomas is typically known for his "Chippendale Furniture", but he also had a style called Gothic Fret, which was influenced by Chinese art and design. This is where the Chippendalte Fretwork print comes from.

Where am I going with this?

Well, I wanted to design something to put in my hall that incorporates the fretwork print. I wanted it to be light and colorful, but still be retro, modern and fun at the same time! I've finally come up with the below artwork and I've ordered my prints via mail and they will be here soon! The pic below shows them with a bamboo frame, just something I was playing around with online, but I think maybe I'll be able to go to TJ Maxx and find some fun frames that would work.


So, I wanted to offer my readers this artwork as well. If you'd like copies of all Four Fretwork prints (prints do not include the frame and are designed at high resolution for a 8 x 10 frame), simply leave me a comment here with your e-mail or e-mail me at and let me know you're interested. I'll e-mail you the files for the prints and you can play around with printing them out for your own home. Cost to you: $0.00!


  1. Cute! They're cheery and I love the colors. I'd love copies of the file!

  2. those are beautiful! I'd love a copy -


  3. Wendy i dont know if i posted my message correctly but you can email the file to me at danagee@ yahoo .com
    Thanks! dana Powers

  4. How sweet! Thank you so much. xoxo

  5. Is it tacky that the first time I leave a comment, it's for something free? Yeah, I thought so, too.

    I found your blog recently and have enjoyed reading (even before you were handing out freebies).


  6. Yes please!!! These are adorable!

  7. how sweet of you!


  8. I love these!! Please may I have copies?

  9. how generous! i would love copies!

    lipstickatthemailbox @ gmail dot com

    many, many thanks!!

  10. if you wouldn't mind emailing the file to me also... those are way too cute, and would look great in my daughter's room now that she's getting a little older.
    Thanks so much!!

  11. LOVE THEM! Thanks so much for sending the link our way. You're in our google reader but we haven't been on it for a few days so who knows when we would have stumbled upon these amazing prints...

    Rock on girl! They look super chic and spendy and we love that you're giving them away on the house. Swoon times four!

    Sherry (& John)

  12. I love them! And they'd sure brighten up my office space or a wall in my home!
    Thanks for offering us this, Wendy!

  13. Oh, I love these!!!

    Please send them to me....

    Thanks! :)

  14. Wow Wendy, those are gorgeous! I would LOVE to have a copy! Thanks! You are so talented, I swear. I wish I had just a little bit of that creative juice you've got running through your veins! :-D.

  15. found you via of my favorite people...she and you have great taste. would love these prints in my newly remodeled bedroom.
    thanks for sharing!

  16. What a great idea! I would love copies, thanks! lrcav4 at aol dot com.

  17. These prints are beautiful! You did a wonderful job. I would love to have the file so that I could display them in my home. Thank you!

  18. I would love some - Thanks!!

  19. These are BEAUTIFUL. I'd love top be included!

  20. OH MY DEAR... THESE ARE FAB.U.LOUS!!!! I would put these to very good use. Thank you for the comment (as always) & I always love visiting your blog :)

  21. ooh, I love them.

    I'd love my own copy!

    amdavee at gmail dot com


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