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Durham Love Yourself


I live in Durham, NC and I love this town. Although Durham is sometimes incorrectly judged by people that have not visited or lived here, it's really starting to make people stop and rethink what they think they knew about Durham.

Just a couple of exciting news bits about this town I call home:

So, anywho, that's where I live. We love it here, and looks like everyone else is finally starting to love it too!


  1. I agree, Durham unfairly gets a bad rep from people who probably have never spent a lick of time there. Way to show off how amazing the Bull City is.

  2. Yay Durham! Thanks for sharing all of the good stuff about the Bull City!

  3. Oh, girl, you are speaking to my heart! My mom {and four sisters} grew up in Durham, I learned to drive a stick shift in the parking lot of Northern High School and I've visited my fair share of newborn baby cousins at Durham Regional.

    I also singlehandedly kept El Rodeo in business when I lived and taught there the five years after college.

    What took me away? A Texas cowboy. That's the only thing that could ever do it. But I still consider Durham home sweet home. I love it so...

  4. Orlando Bloom was here and I missed him??? poo.

  5. Durham is fab! I am a Raleigh girl, but we are constantly driving over for the dining!

  6. I guess you aren't moving to Ch. Hill then..huh?

  7. Hello, Yor blog is wonderful!
    I agree Durham is a great place. I'm over here in J'ville.
    It's nice to meeet you!

    You're always welcome at my blog as well. Hope to see you soon.

    Have a blessed day.
    ~Melissa :)

  8. ..and...chickens! People in Durham are allowed to have their own laying flocks now too - just no roosters. I know just because we sale birds to people there a lot.

    p.s. I found your blog via younghouselove, and I'll be back!


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