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I often visit a blog that has the latest and greatest ads and this was on the site today. It's for a wood treatment (product in bottom right corner) but I thought it was hilarious. Copy Reads: Don't Let Wood Get Old.

Quote from my mom: "This is not funny!!! Your day will come!!!"



  1. I think my day has already come. :)

  2. That's so funny. I'm sad to say that even though, I'm not even 40 yet. My time has come...

  3. Wrinkles & grey hair, seems there is more of each every time I check.

  4. I dunno -- sometimes my 50-something-year-old skin feels as dry as this looks. But I usually head to L'Oreal or Olay instead!

  5. That might be the funniest add I've senn in a while! Our time will come I suppose...and that's what 'push ups' are for...or maybe by then we won't care, tee hee ;-)

    Jamie :)


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