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Confessions of a Co-sleeper

I've never told you this, but I co-sleep with my little guy. I never intended to, but it just happened. As I've mentioned before, God blessed me with the world's worst sleeper. From day one, he's never liked to sleep and still doesn't now.
I had all intentions of making him a crib baby. But, the best laid plans don't always work. He hated to be put down in his crib and hated to be in the bassinet. They say you can't spoil little ones early on, but I beg to differ. I tried everything, the books, the shooshing, the swinging, and finally had gotten him to sleep pretty good in his crib, then we moved when he was one. That ruined everything.

I used to try the nanny tip where you scoot a little further from the crib each night, but he wasn't having that. I tried crying it out, and hubs would walk for an hour because he couldn't stand to hear it - made his heart break. Then he would come back and tell me, "if you don't go in there and get him, I will." I eventually gave up and put him in the bed with us.

Yep, he's four now and still there. He received bunk beds for his third birthday, in an effort to make sleeping in his room more cool. I think if I really pushed it, he would sleep there, and has a couple of times. But now, I'm just used to him snuggling up to me and our before bedtime conversations.

I know it's not cool, and not "in-fashion", but sometimes when you're a mom, you gotta do what works for you. So, to you new moms out there, just remember if things don't work out like you planned, it isn't always bad to try something else. And just because everyone else isn't doing it, doesn't mean it's not the best choice for you. I feel like there's so much judgment out there about this issue, so just wanted to give my two cents, for what it's worth!

How can you not snuggle with this little guy?



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  2. he has twinkly eyes.
    i can see why he's your weakness!

  3. Well he is so handsome. How can you resist. He will sleep on his own one day.

  4. Sometimes, in the afternoon me and my 5 month old, sleep together in the guest bed. He still isn't sleeping through the night and so I get a little extra sleep and some snuggle time!

    Aren't little boys the best?! Having a son just melts my heart! I am sure you feel the same way... your son is precious!

  5. I'm guilty too. I never cared what anyone thought. In some cultures this is the norm. I always say do what works for you. Anything to get some rest!

  6. All 3 of my kids sleep in my room!!! I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

  7. I co-slept with my son for the first 7 or 8 months of his life. My husband came home from Iraq and he moves alot in his sleep. So I got Easton adjusted to sleeping in his crib. But, whenever my hubby leaves for more then two weeks, he gets nervous and wants to sleep with mommy. So I let him. Guilty as charged. Like you said, whatever works for you. :o)

  8. I had a non-sleeping baby, too...unless he was with me. Now he 3 1/2 and he goes down fine at night in his own bed but any time after 1:30 we hear the shuffling down the hall, the opening of our bedroom door and then the little sweet boy standing beside me saying, "Mom, please hold me." And I cannot resist. We also have a "juice bar" set up on my night stand.... sippy cups with apple juice at his disposal. The time will come soon enough when he probably won't even want to be in the same room with me, so I'm soaking up every minute while I can.

  9. I know the day is coming when my little guy won't even want to be near I take it any way I can get it....the time is just too precious!

    and no, i couldn never say "NO" to that face.

  10. I have a two year old boy, and while we don't sleep in the bed together anymore (his daddy kicks me enough in the night as it is!) we nap together whenever I get the chance to take a break at his naptime. It's the best! Good for you for doing it your way.

  11. my favorite part of the day now is when i take a nap on the couch with my huddy buddy cuddled up next to me. he's only 3 weeks old, but he's so cuddly.

    i've found that i'll try anything to get the baby to sleep, so i will never judge anyone for their parenting decisions.

  12. I feel better now! My 18 month old just started sleeping with me about 2 months ago when I took down his crib and put up his toddler bed. He never stayed in it and always come walking into my room in the middle of the night, holding his blanket, and wanting in the bed with me...and I just couldn't say no. He doesn't do it at his daddy's house, so I know it's just because he knows he can get by with it at his mama's! I'm used to it now and actually feel a little lonely when he's away.

  13. I have 3 teenagers, all of them slept with us when they were young & they all grew up perfectly normal! :) One stayed longer but she knew when she was ready to go to her own bed...I wouldn't change one night of it!


  14. Reagan still climbs into bed with us, and I'll tell you a secret... I LOVE IT! I love the snuggles! I actually sleep better when she is between us than when she is not!

    She goes to bed each night in her own bed, and Ryan and I get to have our alone time to watch TV, have a drink, or... ummm..... well you know!

    It is usually sometime just after midnight, but sometimes even sooner, that she wakes up. She grabs all of her stuffed animals (4 small ones) that she has to sleep with and walks down the hall and then climbs into our bed. It's usually then that I finally fall into my deep sleep, snuggled up close with her!

  15. You do what feels right to you. All those parenting books are just that, books. Your relationship with your child and your family is what matters. And mine are now 19 and 21. Going on 22...

  16. Right there with you on the horrible sleeper. My 4 year old doesn't like to sleep...AT ALL. He finally got to where he will sleep in his bed until sometime in the wee hours when he appears by the side of my bed. He climbs in, we sometimes turn on a cartoon, and we both usually drift back off. I tried everything you listed and we had the same results. Again, he may go to sleep in his bed (and that is a battle) he more often than not ends up with me!

  17. Hi, My name is Kelly and I am a co-sleeper, too!! I Love it!!

  18. This is my first time to your blog. Hope you don't mind me posting.
    I'm a mother of 3, and 6 years ago I lost my oldest son, Joshua, who was 16. Hold on to that little one as long as he will let you.

    Our youngest son slept with us on and off up until he was 11. He is 14 now and is a typical 14 year old.

    Your son knows that you love him. I'm certain there are many little boys who would love to have the security of knowing mommy will sleep with them.

    You and your son are blessed. Enjoy it! I promise, it won't last. He will grow up, and fast1

  19. I can say nothing. I do whatever it takes for Caitlyn to sleep. Now I have visions of me sandwiched between her and a baby while Jamie sleeps soundly in one of their rooms. I'm pretty sure they'll grow out of it before college...

    And lets be honest, I love the quiet time to snuggle, especially when she says "Let's talk mommy". :)


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