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Scent of a Magazine

We headed to my hometown for mother's day this year and hung out with the fam. The little man loves spending time with his cousins and when they aren't fighting, they can be pretty cute together.

My sister and I bought my mom a Pandora bracelet for mother's day, with a giraffe, apple and VW bug charm. She loved it. Now I want one - I think they are so neat.

Hubs came through with a bottle of Flowerbomb parfume. I was looking at one of my many magazines a couple of weeks ago and loved the way it smelled. He ripped the page out of the mag and literally walked into Nordstrom holding it and said, "I want this." I'm not typically much of a perfume girl because most of the stuff gives me a headache, but I love this scent.



  1. Stumbled ontoyour blog today. I love it. Your tatoo was great BTW. Glad you walked. I will be walking to Alzheimer's this year.

  2. Sounds like a great Mothers Day...Glad you got to spend it with your family...

  3. Happy Belated Mother's Day ..
    Love the pictures!!
    xxx me

  4. you should definitely pick up a pandora bracelet for yourself! they're a lot of fun!


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