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Swoon: a term used to express happiness or excitement, to be overwhelmed by joy or emotion toward something.

These pics are in honor of my BFF, who had surgery yesterday to repair her broken ankle, which she broke not in some glorious act of excitement or grand experience, but simply by walking down the street. Good one D! Get well soon! Since the day I met her, she's been a loyal Brad devotee. He's always been the one for her (besides her husband, of course).

I actually watched Brad yesterday morning on the TODAY show and he is so humble and down-to-earth. He said that Tom Ford actually dressed him yesterday - wow! I love the ascot and the glasses - the epitome of cool.


This pic is because I hate her (hate meaning I love everything about her) and I want everyone else to justify my own feelings of inadequacy with comments of why she isn't as perfect as she looks here. Or, you can just swoon along with me...


  1. I posted a picture of them together yesterday... I totally agree with you she's gorgeous and he is too :)

  2. I think she looked better on the red carpet yesterday than she has looked in a while. I am so glad she was not in black!

  3. Clearly swooning with you. I saw that interview on Today too and loved him even more. He did look great!

    As far as AJ, her time with Billy Bob Thornton, clearly wasn't perfect. I mean the blood vile, kissing the brother, etc...not perfect! :)

  4. Good Lord, that dress slit goes all the way up to THERE! And she looks too damn good. I hate (love) her too!


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