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The Masters & Pimento Cheese

Hubs is headed to The Masters today, for like the fifth year in a row - and guess who he didn't take again???? He keeps telling me how great it is down there and how fabulous everything looks - but he took my dad this year - and always manages to find a dude that wants to go with him. The year I was pregnant (and due around Master's time) his buddies went and brought him back a video they took to watch of how close they were able to get to Tiger. I'm not sure he's forgiven me.

Not only is Augusta National a beautiful place, but they also don't jack up prices of food for The Masters. Prices are super cheap and their biggest seller is the pimento cheese sandwich. They don't sell hot dogs or hamburgers, because that would produce smoke from the grill - endangering the pristine, clean and garden-like ambiance of the Masters.

If you don't know what pimento cheese is, you're truly missing a southern specialty. Hubs is supposed to bring back a couple of sandwiches tonight because the ones at The Masters are supposed to be the best ever.

We'll see...I know a couple of southern ladies that can whip up some yummy pimento cheese on white bread.


  1. That is very true, although I think the great taste also has a lot to do with just being there soaking up the atmosphere. I love the cheap prices!

  2. My husband (who loves to cook and loves golf) tried to make some the other day. It was WAY too spicy for me. I think he put a whole onion in there! He totally made the recipe up in his head so of course none of us could eat it. If you have recipe, do tell. It sounded so good, but his tasted so bad.

  3. Oh I love The Masters. I went last year, and I had so much fun! It is so beautiful and the pimento cheese sandwiches are indeed very yummy!

  4. My best friend used to work for a member of Augusta so we got some real VIP opportunities at The Masters for many years. And you're so right about the food and prices, yum!

  5. My favorite at the Masters is the tuna salad, but hubby loves the egg salad. That IS the only place I would buy an egg salad sandwich.

    My g-parents have had tickets since "Jesus was a child".

  6. I live about 20 minutes from the Augusta National, and all of this is very true!
    My family gets tickets to the Masters every year, and it is another world out there. Absolutely breathtaking! Here's this gorgeous piece of heaven right off of Washington Rd., which is a busy street, and sadly, an eyesore. But as soon as you walk into the gates and catch a glimpse of the most beautiful grass and pine trees you'll ever see, it will blow you away. It's gorgeous on TV, but it still doesn't do it any justice! :)

    But, it's so funny you talked about the prices of the food and drinks. We were with some friends last night talking about the same thing. There is nothing better than the Master Club! It's the best sandwich you can get for $2.50. Is it weird that I look forward to going out there every year to get one of these? ;)

    I do hope your hubby invites you to go one year! Whether you like golf or not, it's so much fun. Enjoy your Pimento Cheese sandwich(es)!


  7. My husband went to the Masters a few years ago and he couldn't believe how cheap the food was. I love a good Pimento Cheese sandwich!

  8. I'm probably missing out on something delightful... but I've never had pimento cheese!

  9. My dad and brother are heading there this weekend. I've always heard great things about the food!

  10. I don't remember how old I was before I found out you could buy pimento cheese. That stuff is just plain foul..I grew up in the South and of course ours was home made. Even my kids grew with home made. I don't think my daughter makes it anymore and I don't often.. not just for one.

  11. My husband and I are so jealous of your hubby! We've been dreaming of Masters tickets forever. Too bad he never takes you!!

  12. Just printed off the recipe! I'll be making this one VERY soon!


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