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Green is the New Black

Let's face it, being green is no longer just for the crunchy types, the granolas or the hippies. You can be green and still be cute and preppy. For example, I'm wearing my J. Crew green cotton slacks today...hee hee hee...

But seriously, I'm seeing so many people at the grocery with reusable bags, an expanded supply of organic food choices at the local grocery and the whole green thing can certainly bode well when economic times are tough. For example, growing your own small garden, cutting back on heating and cooling and using less water are all things good for the environment and good for your pocketbook too.

I have one idea about how this world could go a little greener - think about all of those store receipts that are printed every day that most people just throw away. Can we just go without them? Start a receipt recycling program? I hate those little things floating around in my purse. I just check my bank balance online like 5 times a day and that's all I need.

There is one thing I can't go green on yet: Paper Towels. I love paper towels. I think I once read that Julia Roberts has a love for paper towels too. I just can't stand picking up a wet dishcloth to wipe with. Gives me the heebie jeebies. Maybe there's a program out there for people like us - I'll Google it.

I'm all over the place here, but I'll leave you guys with this. And I just have to say I was appalled when my own son didn't have a clue who Kermit was when we saw a picture of him at Disney. I used to be obsessed with the little guy and I even have a Kermit charm on my charm bracelet. Clearly I need to find some Muppet movies on DVD.


  1. Let's just say my paper towel and zip lock bag obsession and (over)use would not sit well with Al Gore...along with many other things I do- ha!

  2. I also have a paper towel and ziploc obsession!! just seems to be 2 things I can't live without!

  3. Paper towels - yeah I feel you. I use several on a daily basis. I use a sponge and plastic gloves if I handwash dishes, I just am so grossed out by food on the plate, people's germs, wet soggy food, crusted on food, ugh it makes me want to vom.

    Happy Earth Day!

  4. There are some things in life that I cannot bring myself to use actual cloth on.....say pet accidents. ICK!

    I love me some Kermie Baby! He rocks!!!

    Happy Earth Day

  5. grocery stores like whole foods have some great "greener" options when it come to paper towels- unbleached and some are even made from post-consumer recycled materials. maybe you could give them a try to deal with you paper towel guilt :)

  6. I have a paper towel obsession as well. I use them all the time and I can't sit down to eat a meal unless I have one in my hand. =)

  7. Same here... dish cloths are just NASTY! Paper towels all the way for me!

  8. God forbid I not have paper towels!

  9. I love Kermit too! And I am not ready to give up my paper towels either....

  10. I'm slowly breaking my addiction to paper towels. I am using old t-shirts and towels for dusting and cleaning rags but it's hard for me to not use paper towels in the kitchen. I guess it's a work in progress!

  11. Paper towels rock!! There are some things I cannot be "green" in my household!


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