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Sleeping In Seattle?

Dear Mother Nature,

Hi there, it's me. Just wanted to "drop" you a quick note to chat about the weather.

I know, we've been in a drought the last couple of years, and I TOTALLY understand where you're going with all this, but really, we've had enough rain.

My hair is frizzy, my dog and my son are stir-crazy and I'm just waiting for the mosquitoes to start hatching. Hubs teaches golf for a living, and come on, no one can play golf when the ball disappears in the mud when you hit it.

I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. I love getting my Dansko's soaked just walking 10 feet into the office and the fact that my son has the ability to find every puddle within 20 feet to jump in. Just asking for a little bit of relief. Looks like we have five more days of rain coming in the forecast and just thought I'd send you a little shout out.

Sometimes I Think I'm Sleeping in Seattle


  1. Ha, this was so cute! It has been yucky in NC too! To go along with the saying, I guess the April showers are coming a little early, so maybe the May flowers will too! I'd be ok with that :) Hope you still have a wonderful weekend despite the rain.

  2. I'm sorry you feel like your are Sleeping in Seattle..since I live about 30 miles from downtown Seattle I can understand. But let it be known we had now rain today..These are the days we mark on the calendar..And yes it is true we don't tan here we rust..but we can be polished up some. LOL :) Hope you rain ends soon...We would just like some warmer temps...

  3. Its been very rainy where I'm at, too. I wish it would just stop already.

  4. I am going to add onto that letter and ask for the moisture to land in colorado...we are so dry out here!! until today anyway, massive snow storm! haha,anyway i just found your blog...super cute!

  5. Mother Nature sure is a pain in the keister isn't she?!

    Hopefully she listens to you, and ya get some sun soon!

  6. Well I just noticed that your weather board was from Raleigh...I'm here too. Neat! I feel you on the I told DH last night, I can take one day of a good down pour-but a week of this drizzle stuff is annoying!

    Have a great weekend...try to stay dry!

  7. This makes me thankful for the sun today before the rain starts tomorrow.

    Hope your skies clear soon!

  8. haha great post--totally agree. the weather in blacksburg, va has been much the same!

  9. Don't get me wrong, Seattle is my favorite place in the US! Wishing I could send the rain to you guys that need it so badly!

  10. Have to love the WRAL....but I think all this nasty weather has the greater RDU area in a funk!

  11. I know the drought was bad and all, but it made it SO easy to predict the weather! You always knew you could do anything outside ANY time, dry and sunny! I second your letter to Ma Nature!!!

  12. i should send you my forecast. in honor of spring, the windy city is bracing for a SNOWSTORM tomorrow! accumulation may reach 8 inches.

  13. this cracked me up, we are so not looking forward to all the rainy days when we move back east either! hope you get some sunny clear blue skies very soon! =)

  14. Come on down to Southern CA. We have not had enough wet weather...for a very long time. Sometimes I get sick of the sun (sshhh...don't tell). My husband is from NC and never lost his southern accent. I love a good southern accent. I'll be back!

  15. hi, i wish you know how is right here, there is too much sun shine, with some coldness wind blowing the dust so they call it sand storm them you fill the worst weather ever. imagine that in which country iam in. seasons are like the worst is almost to come. but i thank you for all you do overthere. i hope God will take care.

  16. well I must let you in on a little secret down here in the Texas Panhandle on Friday we had a Blizzard of all things..12 inches of snow..brr rabbit :)


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