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Magazine Addict

I realized this weekend I may have a problem. I'm addicted to magazines. And hubs has a problem too. I was straightening up the house and noticed the stack of magazines on our coffee table is getting rather ridiculous. I think I've always been a magazine addict - I used to spend hours pouring over the pages of Teen magazine, then I graduated into Cosmo in the college years and gave it up for Martha Stewart once I was married and had a house.

Right now we currently subscribe to the following:
ESPN the Magazine
Martha Stewart
Vanity Fair
Sport Fishing Magazine
and I just signed up for Garden & Gun!
(BTW Right now you can subscribe to W & Glamour together for $35 a year! I love the pics in W - it's such a cool magazine!)
We also frequently pick up copies of the following at the grocery:
Cottage Living
Coastal Living
What's your favorite magazine?
I think I'd have to go with Vanity Fair.


  1. Sadly, I'd probably have to go with People - or, or on a better note, Health Magazine.
    Came by to say "hi" and welcome you to SITS. Glad you're on board!

  2. Oh, I think you might be the only one who has more than me! LOL! :)

    I think my favorites are Health and Real Simple!! There really is nothing better than relaxing to some fresh new magazines!!!

  3. oh i'm not sure!! too many good ones to choose from W, Vogue and Vanity Fair are all up there!! You must have the best gym workouts!! I always take magazines for the ellipticals... even if they are old! What an impressive library you must have! :)

  4. My favorite is tie... between People and Martha Stewart. Remind me to come to you when I need something to read!!

  5. WOW! That's a lot of magazines!!! I LOVE Southern Living.

    Thought I'd mention this...

    My friends and my mom and I each subscribe to different magazines and then swap in the middle of each month so everyone gets to read them. It saves us a lot of $$$!

  6. Mine would be Martha...can't give it up!

  7. I think that All You and Real Simple are my favorites, but Glamour gives me my smutness that I need every once in awhile.

  8. I'm really bad too. Right now I have subscriptions to Health, Food Network, House Beautiful, Shape, Self, Southern Lady, Rachael Ray, Coastal Living . . I feel like I'm forgetting some. And then I'll pick up more at the store too. My hubby just shakes his head! Oh, I just ordered a subscription for Gun & Garden and I've never even seen the magazine! Just read good things about it on other's blogs so I thought I'd give it a try.

  9. I'm addicted too, Martha is my fav. it makes my whole day when one comes in the mail...followed closely by Cooking Light, and Everyday Food.

  10. Southern Living, InStyle, and People are my favorites. We get Domino (R.I.P.), GQ, Golf Digest, and Rachael Ray at our house, too.

  11. I just addicted to blogging, but my husband has quite a few sports magazines around.

    Welcome to SITS!

  12. Oh I could never pick a favorite! I love magazines so much that I majored in Magazines in college - well my favorite is Journalism and Electronic Media with a Magazine Concentration. I helped start one at my college. Magazines are like crack. Those pretty glossy pages and layouts, that typography...drool.

  13. Wow, you win! Although since Domino has folded, you are saving some money there. Replace it with Real Simple -- I promise you'd like it. I enjoy reading Vogue but for fashion news-I-can-use, I turn to Lucky and InStyle.

  14. The O mag.......I read it cover to cover.

  15. I'm a magazine addict, too. My favorite is probably Real Simple.

  16. my favorite is definitely Harper's Bazaar.

  17. I love glamor, cosmo, and real simple!

  18. Oh my goodness, I thought I was addicted, ahaha! I love glossies, Marie Claire, W, Elle, Vogue, Town and Country, Domino {RIP}, Home & Garden, Elle Decor, Martha, I have to stop....they are so fun!

  19. i'd give you a run for your money with the magazines! i get a ridiculous amount as well. it should be embarassing but i'm an addict.

    money mag and lucky are my favorites. so is real simple.

  20. Town and Country is my favorite! I get about as many as you do! If you don't stay on top of it....those piles can get out of control!

  21. Is Cottage Living still around?!? I love that magazine and never see it anymore!

  22. I'm still crying over the end of Domino. I guess Self has taken over as my gym mainstay. Nothing gets you moving on a treadmill than cover ladies who spring back into designer jeans a month after giving birth to twins!

  23. wow, that is a crazy number of magazines! how fun though, i love them. i just wish i had more time to read them. my favorites? well, the only one i have read lately is real simple. so i will have to say that, i guess!

    i am stopping by to welcome you to SITS, we are thrilled to have you join us!

  24. We (meaning I) get: Real Simple, People, Country Living, Midwest Living, Southern Living, Psychology Today, Runner's World, Nashville Lifestyles, Traditional Home, In Style, Southern Accents, Coastal Living, Cooking Light and Sports Illustrated. whew! I want to subscribe to Vanity Fair, which I absolutely love and buy every month at the grocery store anyway. I think my favorite is Southern Living, with Real Simple and InStyle tied for a close second.

  25. Whoa, girl. Recycle them my way. I'm too cheap to subscribe. I just get everything online these days.

  26. There are a lot of magazines going out of business....sad...a sign of the times. I love W. I do not get it, but I love it.

    Stopped by to welcome you to SITS and invite you to be a part of my giveaway. Jump over and check it out. If you have time read about my "I love being carded!" card swap. Everyone likes "good mail", right.

  27. My friends used to call me the magazine queen. Now I don't really have much time to read so I cancelled a lot of my subscriptions b/c they would just pile up unread. I like to read UsWeekly and Instyle and home decor magazines though when i have time.

  28. Is that you?? Because you look like Christina Applegate!

  29. Domino was my fave but now they are no longer! Damn them!


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