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Cleaning Closets, Waxing Poetic

We have a big yard sale tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM to raise money for our Avon Walk (I only have about $200 left to go yeah!!!!). I've been cleaning out more closets to get rid of "stuff" and I came across some poetry I wrote after college. This must have been during my "finding myself" phase...the struggle of adulthood and learning how to make it on my own (wow, I was pretty deep back then)...not so much now, sometimes I just have to laugh at life.

I thrive on hopes of tomorrow, lessons from yesterday and breath of today.
I drink from the cup called life and take it in one gasp at a time.
Sometimes it is all too much to handle, to grasp, to hold.
I let it go.

I swim in the sea of sadness, dance in the light of laughter and wander in the maze of madness.
I pick from the garden and nurture until death.
Sometimes I can't handle the pain, the torture, the stillness.
I let it go.

I listen to the words of the ages, follow the footsteps of my fathers and pass my thoughts to the children.
I hold them to cradle them from what will follow.
If only we could protect and nourish them forever.
We let them go.

I sleep in the dreams of desire, wake in the light of the morning and rise to another day.
I hold onto this, one more day.
If only we could live forever.
We all must go.


  1. The poem is very good...Isn't it amazing how deep and profound we can be in our youth? Then life smacks us square in the face and we don't have the time to ponder all that we did in youth...

  2. What a lovely poem!

    Good luck with your sale this morning!!!

    ...and thanks for stopping by my blog!


  3. Oh the angst!!! Did you wear all black when you wrote it ;))) Hope the sale went today! It was chilly this am!

  4. Hello! I just wanted to stop by and give you a big welcome to teh SITSahood! It's a great community and we love have new fellow bloggers! Hope to see you around!


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