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We Made the Switch

...but right now, I'm regretting it.

We've been talking about switching from Time Warner Cable to Direct TV for quite a while now, it's cheaper and you get more channels.

The guys came yesterday and installed it, and it was working fine. But on the way home from Lowes today, hubs calls with a frantic tone in his voice, "The TV isn't working. I've called and they said they can't be here until Monday." I can tell he's already going through withdrawals.

It's almost 5:00 now and the TV has been out for two hours. I think he's got the shakes now...he is currently out in the yard wiggling the dish to see if he can make a miracle happen...
Stay tuned...


  1. Oh my gosh...I'm so interested!! We also have Time Warner and it's so expensive and we've had tons of problems....and the customer service is the worst! We've been thinking about switching!!

    I hope everything works out for you guys!

  2. I hated having dish! it would go out every time it rained! but cable is too expensive, youre right!

  3. We have DirecTV and love it. then again, we switched from Charter...and anything is an improvement from them!

    My husband would be ok without TV now, but if it was football season he would be raising hell!

  4. We have Time Warner and I hate it, but not enough to get the dish. Hope your issue gets resolved quickly.

  5. I have Dish Network. It took some getting used to, but I love it now. People always talk about how bad it is, and the reception messing up... But I've had it for three years, and I can't remember the reception messing up for more than like five minutes just one time. Maybe it depends on where you live or something.

    Good luck with it!

    Now that I'm so used to satelite, I hate watching my parent's cable. Our remote has that handy info button, that tells you about the episode or whatever. With cable you just have to wait till you start watching it. I'm too impatient for that. :)

    Plus, we have our satelite set where we each have our own category with the channels we watch the most often.

  6. Hope they get your problem fixed and your hubby can relax....I know everytime it snows my daughter has to take a broom hang out the upstairs window and clear the snow off...Think I like my cable better :)

  7. I *hate* TWC... here's hoping that dish technology will improve soon enough in the future to become a 100% competitor to our local monopoly :-(

  8. Do update on DirecTv. I have been thinking of switching over from Comcast(formerly Time Warner) bc they are terrible. Just wanted an opinion from someone who has it!!!!

  9. Ironically, we just made the switch the other way from Directv back to TWC. Kim said the dish was not part of her landscaping plan and I was tired of losing my TV everytime it was cloudy or raining.

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