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A Snowy Oscars

The saga of no TV continues, and I think if the Direct TV guys don't show up today, I'll have to send hubs to a hotel.

After church yesterday, he went on a mission to find some rabbit ears so I could watch the Oscars last night. He finally found some at the third store he visited. So I hooked them up to the small TV in the kitchen last night and got pretty good reception. Deciding it would be much more comfortable to lay in my comfy bed and watch, I moved the ears upstairs, and the reception wasn't quite as good, but at least I had somewhat of a picture.

When awards season comes around, my BFF and I always watch the shows together pratically on the phone every other minute. Before we found the rabbit ears, I had to call her and break the news that I may not be watching the Oscars. Her response, "Girl, you better get that fixed or I'm breaking up with you." Then she said, "I guess we can hook up our web cam and stream us watching the Oscars and you can watch us watching." huh?

Luckily, I had the ears, and we were able to compare notes during the show. I told her I just had to pretend the Oscars were being held in the snow this year. To sum up my thoughts: Loved Hugh Jackman, no one blew me away as far as attire and thought Kate Winslet's speech was great. Hubs forgets this ritual each year and said, "Who the heck keeps calling here...I told him to roll over and go back to sleep."


  1. I agree, no one blew me away either! We were up way too late to see Slumdog win practically everything! That number with Hugh and Beyonce was amazing, though!

  2. I'm glad you were able to watch it. Bunny ears aren't THAT bad...

  3. What a fun ritual! :) I'm sorry about your TV - such a pain!

  4. That's a really sweet husband! Love the blog!

  5. Love your header. Too cute!

    Please stop by and visit me. I'm doing a Tucker Blair headband giveaway! They're so cute and super preppy! :)


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