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Roll It In a Little Honey

A co-worker and I were talking about someone we work with from the northern part of the country and how he/she can be a bit straightforward at times. My co-worker said, well, you have to realize that you and I are born and bread southerners and we typically like to "roll things in a little bit of honey" before we say them. I laughed and said, "You're right, you're right."

I love being from the south and couldn't imagine growing up anywhere else. Every day, I work with people from other areas of the country (and the world for that matter) and we are a bit different. For example some people have never tried grits, collard greens or okra! (the thought of it!)

"In the South, the breeze blows softer...neighbors are friendlier, nosier, and more talkative. (By contrast with the Yankee, the Southerner never uses one word when ten or twenty will do)...This is a different place. Our way of thinking is different, as are our ways of seeing, laughing, singing, eating, meeting and parting. Our walk is different, as the old song goes, our talk and our names. Nothing about us is quite the same as in the country to the north and west. What we carry in our memories is different too, and that may explain everything else." --Charles Kuralt in "Southerners: Portrait of a People"


  1. This post could not have put a bigger smile on my sweet southern face! As I travel the country (and world) with Mr. Marine, I am always coming upon people from other "parts." But give it time, and the people I become closest to, are my fellow southerners (and Texans..since it has been explained to me that Texans are not part of the south).

    Being Southern is a State of put it most simply!

    Even if people have tried grits...I can always throw 'em for a loop if I ask have they had shrimp 'n grits! They look at me with the confused and somewhat disgusted face! They just don't know what they're missing!

  2. Ah, yes. . . being a Southerner - nothing better than that ;-) xoxo

  3. Sometimes I need to be a little more "southern" and think before I speak! I am so bad at it! I envy you southerner's

  4. Hi, I found your blog through the Praying for Harper blog. And I just HAD to comment when I saw your blog logo. Too cute with the Duke and Carolina shirts! Wouldn't want to be in your house on Feb. 11!

    All I gotta say is Go Blue Devils!
    And amen to being Southern.

    Mel @

  5. Don't you know us girls in the south can say anything about anybody at anytime-just add a "bless her heart" to it and it makes it all alright!!

  6. I too sometimes envy you adorable Southerners! But I cannot deny my Midwestern upbringing! Cute saying, it was fun to read!

  7. Oh, this post makes me so homesick! By the way, I was born and raised in the south until I left in 2000 for AZ and I had never had grits until this past fall! (oh and I have never had collards) but aside from all that...I do so miss my sweet home Alabama and my family....

    Also, I love that Charles Kuralt quote.

  8. In my youth I spent alot of time growing up in Louisville KY. When I was older my family moved up north. I was in High School and the kids made fun of the way I talked...I finally had to learn to talk as they did ( no fun ). When I would call home all my relatives would say I sounded like a Damn Yankee...but it was easy to get back into the speech patterns I grew up with. I miss the south, the friendly people, the acceptance,and a easier gentler way of life. I still don't understand these people in the North and have lived here off and on for many years....they can boggle your mine.

  9. I never felt more southern than when I lived in NY. We used to throw "Southern Parties" just to have an excuse to make all the great southern food we missed and share with our "nawthern" friends.

  10. I am from MN, transplanted in FL. The south definatly has its own culture and why the hell would one want to eat soggy peanuts?

  11. Bless your coworker's heart. He/She has no idea how much honey can be on some of the words!


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