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I Love Lucy...

...but sometimes she can drive me crazy!

Yesterday, the phones weren't working (finally got the TV fixed, then the phones went out) and I called the digital phone guys. We walked through a couple of tests and they said everything was working on their end. Then the guy said to check to see where the phone plugged into the wall and there it was...the phone cord, chewed in half, lying on the floor. I felt like an idiot and simply said to the guy, "Nevermind, I know what's wrong."

Hubs has just about had it with Lucy and her crazy antics. My neighbor said that she is just basically a teenage girl right now and doesn't want to listen to anything her parents have to say and to just give it time. I hope I wasn't this difficult as a teenager. At least I know I didn't chew on things...I don't think.

Puppy advice welcome...


  1. First let me say that Lucy is beautiful. I have two goldens myself and love the breed. I find that when my two don't get enough exercise, they tend to become very mischievous. The breed loves to chew. If I can't get out to take them for a walk due to weather, I try to give them a training session for at least 15-30 minutes. It's amazing that if you ask them to do a job like, sit, stay, wait, etc (working the mind). they seem to tire more quickly and are less likely to chew on furniture etc. The other option is to give her a chew toy if she doesn't have one already. If you catch her chewing, redirect her to the toy and praise her for chewing the toy. Just a few tips, hope they help!

  2. Lucy is perfect!!! She's so gorgeous. She reminds me so much of our Boudreaux. He just turned 3 and still has some seriously wild moments. No chewing on random things anymore, but he chewed up all of the baseboards in our old house. NOw he just gets into the trash every now and then and chews up the mail when it comes through the slot on the door. But I do love him so much.

    It really really makes a difference when we take him out for his long walk, stop at a big park or field and let him retrieve for about 20 minutes. He's so much more well behaved when we take time with him to get him working. His really good at finding mischief when he's trying to let us know that he's bored.

    I don't have any perfect advice though, because we still struggle, but he's just so wonderful!!!

  3. unfortunately....i have no dog is a mess! He buries EVERYTHING...including my grandmother's fake boob and bra....i'm not lying!

    Good luck and I get through all the crazy antics with the advice that hopefully my dog will grow out of it!

  4. Ditto on exactly what Pretty Personal Gifts said. Lucy just needs more exercise and other things to keep her from being bored. If you exercise her she'll be tired and won't act up as much. One good idea to try: Do you have a backyard with a tree??? If so, hang something like a toy off the tree with sturdy rope and use the toy as a type of pinata. Hang it so she 'll have to hop a little to reach it, and swing it for her, either by hold the other end of the rope or just by pushing the object away from her. Once Lucy starts she'll love it and I bet want to play with it all the time, and it'll make her really tired.

    Best of luck!

  5. I have a golden named Mable who is 2 1/2 years old. I walk that dog twice a day, for 20 mins in the am and longer in the afternoon! It took some getting use to, but its made a world of difference! She isn't as hyper or needy when she's had her outdoor time.

  6. I just thought of something else! Our vet had us train Mable for about 10 mins a night when she was in her "teenage" years. We would go over sit, stay, down, all the basics.

  7. I really think pups go through these tough times every so often! Maybe taking long walks would help a little!! These times can be trying I know!! Hopefully she will drive you less crazy soon :)
    She's beautiful!

  8. no advice, but she's beautiful!!!

  9. We have a Lucy that looks so much like your Lucy. Ours is going through her teenage phase too. Good luck.

  10. plenty of exercise, and plenty of rawhide bones - she's very sweet!!!

  11. Tabasco sauce on your cords....Plenty of exercise and things specifically for her to chew on....Maybe even a crate for when your not home.


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