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Feeling Old

I had that lovely annual check-up we all look forward to experiencing each and every year today. The doctor asked if I was having any issues and all of a sudden, I really felt old.

Me: "Well yes doctor, I'm tired all of the time."
Dr: "Maybe it's the three-year old."
Me: "Well, true, but I'm paranoid it's my thyroid. I'm hoping I have thyroid issues and that's why I can't lose weight."
Dr: "Really? Maybe it's because you're not exercising as much as you should be."

Me: "I pee on myself all of the time. I'm trying to start running and I can't do it."
Dr: "That's not good...hmmm" as he types on the computer and reads his comments out loud, "...causing patient challenges with daily exercise routine. The insurance guys will like that."

Dr: "You say you deal with depression and anxiety."
Me: "Yes, I take medicine and it helps a lot."
Dr: "Exercise helps that too."

So basically I'm tired, depressed, anxious and overweight because I can't have a daily exercise routine because I pee on myself. Maybe if I just buy some Depends I'll be rested, happy, calm and skinny.

Until next time doc.


  1. Gee, it must be epidemic b/c I think I have that problem too - except for the peeing thing! LOL! It always comes down to exercise, doesn't it?

  2. Yes, easy diagnosis every time: You need to exercise more ;-)

  3. Every single Dr always says exercise helps everything. And i know it helps a lot but not EVERYTHING!!!

  4. Did the doctor check your thyroid? Have you thought about seeing another doctor? I have a slow thyroid, and it took forever for me to be diagnosed. I still struggle with the symptoms of being tired and it being hard to lose weight, but it is getting better. I hope you feel better soon, and don't be afraid to get a second opinion if you don't like what the doctor said!

  5. I take pills for depression(mild)and anxiety....but at my age who doesn't. As for more exercise, ya find the time...And my doctor found out finally why I am tired all the time...he said you work to much and you don't have any Vitamin D in your body...great. Oh well such is life in the fast lane. I made it this far guess I'm still good for a few more years.....

  6. Oh my goodness! Time for a new doctor, perhaps!? Hopefully there is NOTHING wrong with you, but a second opinion never hurts?!

  7. In December, I went to the Dr. and he asks "do you exercise?" and I looked him square in the eye and said, "No, but I know people who do." He didn't say anything else about it! Go figure!

  8. HAHAHA! You're a better person than me- I would have punched him! What nerve!


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