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Cheap Makeup Alert

I NEVER buy makeup at the drug store. You can ask my mom. When I was in Jr. High (I think they call it middle school now) I absolutely HAD to have Clinique from the department store an hour away. I'm a big believer in brands, go figure. So when I ran out of foundation last week and just happened to be in Walgreens that afternoon, I decided to grab something to use until I could make a trip to the mall.

You're familiar with the wall-o-makeup at the drug store: all of the brands blend into each other because they are the same color, the plastic samples for nail colors never match what you actually get, and that oh-so-perfect makeup lighting beaming down from the fluorescent bulbs in the ceiling is perfection for picking colors. It's intimidating, scary, overwhelming...the whole idea needs to be rethought, but that's for another day.

I went with my instincts and had to act quick because little man found a $1.99 Hot Wheels car that he just HAD TO HAVE (wonder where he gets that from) and wanted to get in the car so he could open it. Maybelline just happened to be in front of me, and the bottle attracted me because it was a screw-on top (like the department stores often have) vs. the squirt, etc. and I grabbed it.

Let me just say that I think it is just as good and perhaps better than the Bobbie Brown, Clinique, Lancome, Prescriptives, yadda yadda, foundations I've tried. It's medium coverage, good color match and choices and has all that good stuff in it you're supposed to put on your face - sunscreen, caffeine, firming stuff, micro pearls???...I clued my BFF in on the secret earlier this week and now she's wearing it too! It's $8.29 at Walgreens and you could probably find it cheaper at another store, but it's a great price and great product!


  1. You have totally made my day!! I am just currenlty having a hard time shelling out the $40 for the Lancome foundation that I love and have been wearing for 4 years. But I was so scared to try drugstore make - up!

    You rock! I'm going to get some and let you know how it goes! :)

  2. interesting, thanks for sharing!

  3. I love drugstore makeup shopping! It's like a buffet just waiting for you to dip in. My only quibble is sometimes low inventory -- there usually is a wide a variety of items but only a couple of each. Or that's what I find, anyway. I'm lately in love with CoverGirl Simply Ageless. Just like you and Age Rewind, I've found that Simply Ageless actually does have and do what it claims. Amazing!

  4. Drugstore make up is great for a cheap thrill! If there's a "trend" that I'm not ready to drop $55 dollars for, I'll grab it at a drugstore. However, I always used to spend loads of money on chanel foundations until I started using bare minerals- I will never use anything else.

  5. I just bought this the other day too and I LOVE it!! People have even noticed that I am wearing new makeup (in a good way :)) I used to be a MAC or Clinique only girl but Maybelline is really on to something with this. And the age rewind benefit doesn't hurt either! Oh and I love their new mineral line as well. So good!

  6. I'm a Mary Kay girl. I've used other stuff, but my mom sells MK so I can't really beat the price. They recently got their own version of the Bare Minerals & I love it.

  7. I am hooked on bare minerals, it goes on fast and perfect everytime. If I run out before I return to the states, I'll keep the Maybelline products in mind. But, I must also say I am a huge fan of permanent eyeliner. I had mine done a year ago and love it!

  8. Looks like we have a winner uh? Great way to cut back!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing! I have been wanting to try something new, but the wall-o-makeup just makes me sleepy!

  10. I just saw online where the cream foundation has been discontinued. I don't know if that is the one you got or not, but if so stock up now!

  11. I usually don't buy makeup at the drugstore either. However, I do like Prestige lip and eye pencils. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I've never been big on the Big Name Brands at the department store. I have used Cover Girl since the dark ages ( the 50'snd 60's) Yes I'm old...but have never been dissapointed in their products. And never had skin problems with them..


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