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18 Wheelers and Honey Bees

How does a meeting to review ad concepts for a new campaign turn into a discussion about 18 wheelers and honey bees?

Like this: We went from concept #4 being our choice, to wanting to own a horse farm, to retiring on a farm, to wanting to retire and raise honey bees, to wanting to save the honey bees and colony collapse, then onto driving an 18 wheeler around with honeybees in the back...

When I'm in a meeting and people start to digress and I have a million things on my list to accomplish that day, I just want to reach across the table and say "FOCUS, people FOCUS".
Sorry, needed to vent. Back to my million things...


  1. HAHA! I agree! Everyone should FOCUS!

  2. Oh gosh I totally agree with you. I always try the "don't make eye contact with anyone - trying to express disapproval - while appearing to be writing down very important items". . .

  3. Your meeting sounds a lot like meetings that we have at my work. They are so frustrating!

  4. I totally agree...people need to learn to focus! Our work meetings are identical! I wanna be like, COME ON PEOPLE!

  5. Oh funny! Sometimes yes, work meetings & focus seem not to go hand in hand!

  6. I have way to many meetings where I want to go upside someones head and tell them to Focus..Lord if I can at my age they should be able to.....

  7. I used to have a boss who in meetings would wander from the agenda topics to her own personal problems and then laugh and say, "But I digress." And I wanted to throw my doughnut at her and say, "YES YOU DO! STOP IT!!!" But I never did. Sigh.


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