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1,300 Calories and 80 grams of Fat

Every evening, around 9:00, my, tall, skinny, husband gets up and heads to the kitchen to pull out his nightly pint of Ben & Jerry's. Then he grabs a baby spoon, climbs back into his chair, and takes about an hour to eat the entire thing, savoring every single tiny little bite he takes. That's typically around 1,300 calories and 80 grams of fat each night.

I (the one who only has to lick a candy kiss for it to show up on my thighs) on the other hand, sneak into the kitchen, guilty that my sweet tooth is kicking in, rummage through the cupboard and fridge until I choose from either the 100-calorie currently stocked snack or 10 calorie jello cup with sugar free Cool Whip.
That's just not fair.
So, I've started buying him the Chubby Hubby flavor. At least it makes me feel better and I feel like I'm subliminally sending him a message. It will catch up with him one day, mark my word.


  1. I feel your pain! My husband can eat whatever he wants! I can smell something yummy and gain a couple of pounds!

  2. That's hilarious!

    I feel you husband is super skinny and I'm constantly struggling. He's not a good influence!!

  3. It's the opposite in my house. My man is on a STRICT diet (self-imposed) and I can't seem to get enough to eat these days. So I have candy bars and chips stashed all around my office so I can at least satisfy that urge part of the time.

  4. Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day minus the calories! I have tagged you-so when or if you get a moment, stop by...

  5. It's just not fair! First men the best eye lashes & never have to use mascara to do it. Then they have this insane metabolism that allows them to eat whatever they want.

  6. Hysterical! I love your thinking!!!

  7. That looks like a good meal! Especially for VDay!

  8. Haha, but it's just so good! I stared for about 15 minutes into an ice cream cooler the other day (I was treating myself), debating whether I should buy a pint of chubby hubby and instead opted for a single serving (1/2 cup... they make those!) of Haagen Daas chocolate. Just thinking of Chubby Hubby probably just made me gain a pound! lol

  9. That is so funny! I'm not a big ice cream fan, but every once in a while I crave it. I usually end up with Haagen Daas light vanilla. :)

  10. This makes me so sad...I LOVE Chubby Hubby. It's my absolutely favorite!!

  11. My "Husband of Wonder" is the same way and I hate him.. Every Saturday he eats half a carton of some form of Chocolate...that's his dinner. He's been doing this for 23 years now and it still hasn't caught up with him....NOT FAIR

  12. Men gain weight in their bellies first it seems & they can hide it by just wearing an untucked polo or t-shirt. Women do that & people ask if you are pregnant - which only compounds the problem! It's a cruel world!

  13. That is sooo not fair! That sounds just like my hubby. Maybe I need to get him Chubby Hubby too!

  14. This sounds exactly like something that would happen in our house with my 6'1", athletic husband who can eat whatever he wants and my 5'1" self, who has to watch every morsel! I LOVE the Chubby Hubby idea! Ha!

  15. I'm right there with you ~ sadly, I'd still reach for the Chubby Hubby as it's my favorite B&J's ice cream!


  16. Haha! I love that you bought him Chubby Hubby. All I have to do is think about Ben and Jerry's and I gain 5 lbs.

  17. LOVE IT! That absolutely cracked me up and is the same with me and my husband. My tall, athletic in shape husband can eat a whole pizza, entire cookie cake or the whole buffet at the chinese place and be just fine... yet if I even think about eating 1/4 of that.. I'm up a jeans size. Gotta love that.

    I think I'll be looking for that in our Kroger for my dear husband :)

  18. (cracking up picturing this happen at your house) I am so glad jamie has a potbelly!

  19. OMG. This is the truest thing I've ever heard. I mean seriously men can eat anything! SO ANNOYING. I have noticed hubby has gained a little weight during my pregnancy though!

  20. oh i am so jealous of his metabolism! although my darling boyfriend is currently counting calories and i sit around munching reeses peanut butter hearts...not good.


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