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What Will You Celebrate?

Well, we're celebrating my son's 4th birthday!!! "What Will You Celebrate" is Disney's current marketing campaign for 2009 and we're headed there in April for my little guy's birthday! I'm so excited, I've never been to Disney and always wanted to go.My sister and I were given a choice growing up for our summer vacations and we always opted for the beach because we are suckers for tradition.

Disney is running a special right now for trips booked for travel January - June. If you book 4 nights, you get three free. We got a great deal at the Contemporary, which I chose on recommendation from a friend that used to work at Disney and visits there several times a year. She also gave me a good site that provides a lot of great tips on Disney:

I've been promising my son a trip to Disney for the past year - telling him that when he's four we can go. And this new promotion fits just perfect into the plan! Almost every night, before we go to bed, he now says, "Mommie, tell me about Disney." And I talk about Buzz Lightyear, Captian Jack, Spaceshuttles, Real Animals, Nemo, Crush...and on and on...and he reminds me if I leave anyone out. (You may can tell by reading my blog we have our most deep conversations right before bed.)

So I'm in the midst of planning our daily agendas and getting so excited about the trip!! I finally got my new camera for Christmas (a Canon Rebel), so I'm ready to take some great pics to document the entire trip! Feel free to leave any tips and tricks you may have for me as a first-timer!


  1. Disney really is "the happiest place on earth!" I love it so much that we're going there for 9 days on our honeymoon - aside from the fun Disney stuff, it's clean and if you stay in a hotel there or eat in one of the nice restaurants there they treat you like royalty... it's expensive for a reason, but it is sooooo fab! Have fun!!!

  2. Muffy's advice: Find a map of the park and plot out a rough outline of what you want to hit so you can be timely once you get there. If you just "show up" you end up zigzagging and back tracking a lot. Try and hit everything in a certain part before moving on so you don't have to come back. I also recommend a HEARTY breakfast so you don't need to stop for food too early on. Disney really is a magical place! HAVE FUN!!!!!

    You'll be so close to LA! We should meet up!!!!

  3. How fun! We have annual passes to WDW and go quite often. Bit of advice: buy a book about and do your homework before you go. They can tell you the best times to visit different parts of the parks, where the characters will be, shortest lines, etc. And try to plan a meal with the characters. Many of the places require reservations but they are well worth it! Your little one will love it!

  4. make reservations for the character breakfasts NOW! they fill up quick!

  5. It is a perfect place!! I agree with Muffy's suggestion. We always planned our "attack" - haha.... It is even better staying in the park .... that's the only way to do it!!!

  6. what an amazing time for you!

    a canon rebel AND disneyland???

    :) awesome!

    cant wait to see pics

  7. since your son is 4, definitely head out early in the day, come back to your hotel early afternoon for a few hours down time (and a nap for you and him!) before heading back out! Our family tradition was to go when all us kids turned 5, so i went at age 5, age 8, age 12 and age 15! Disney is one of my most favorite places and I know y'all will have such a great time! Try and go to a character breakfast - I still remember my Aladdin one and Classic Disney characters one from when I was 5!

  8. We go to Disney all the time, we have annual passes. Congrats on getting your camera.

  9. Hi! We're taking our little girl to Disney in May for her 4th b'day. SO EXCITED!!! The man and I went ten years ago, so I'm sure alot has changed. Like your blog!

  10. Disney! I went to Disney for the first time 2 summers ago! I have been yearning to go back ever since! I know y'all are going to have so much fun! I can't wait to read all about it!

  11. i haven't been since the 7th grade, but i think you'll have lots of fun! and i got a rebel, too, and i'm not a pro yet. i can't wait to see your gorgeous works of art. :) i just got so excited thinking about our new baby and that we'll take him or her to Disney one day soon. but not before age 4! :)

  12. Get Birnbaum's Guide to Disney and have a wonderful trip! Happy New Year!

  13. I echo some of the suggestions already mentioned. We've been to Disney twice this year with our 3 year old and had a great time. We also stayed at the Contemporary Resort (you can WALK to and from MAgic Kingdom to this resort only. Beats the lines when the park is closing).
    Other top 5 tips:
    1. Get there when the park opens. We were on our 5th ride by 9:45. PArk opened at 9:00.
    2. Yes, go to the resort, take a nap and then go back.
    3.take your own snacks. The prices aren't outrageous, but it beats standingin line when all your little one needs is a sip of water and a fruit roll-up.
    4. Plan your attack with a park map.
    5. Use the "fast passes" for biggies like space mountain or big thunder mountain.

  14. We've been to Disney a bunch of times, sometimes twice in the summers for baseball tournaments at Wide World of Sports.

    We like the book Disney with Kids, but I think any of them will be helpful. I agree, get up early and get to the park when it opens and don't try to see/do everything. If you just relax with the attitude that you'll come again someday, you won't have a tired cranky kid at the "happiest place on earth". Seriously. Seen it a million times where kids have just had enough and the parents are forcing them to "have fun and I mean it!"

    Pick the highlights and figure that anything else is just gravy.

    And wear quick dry panties and shorts. You'll thank me later.

  15. We lived in Orlando for several years and got to witness first hand many melts downs at Disney!!
    1.Fast passes are the BEST for the rides with long rides!
    2.Hopper passes are worth the money!
    3.Naps are a must if you plan on seeing the fireworks/parades at night!
    4.For your sanity TAKE YOUR TIME and do not feel that you MUST see everything in one day!!
    Have fun and can't wait to see the pics with the new camera.


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