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Strep Throat and Ear Plugs

I just got back from urgent care with the wonderful diagnosis of strep throat. My prescription included not only the obligatory antibiotic, but a wonderfully numbing liquid for my throat that evidently tastes so fantastically horrible that the actual prescription says to mix it with chocolate syrup before gurgling. The pharmacist said (and I quote) "It's some nasty stuff."

All this and I get to go see monster trucks tonight. At least I was able to pick up sets of ear plugs for all of us while filling my prescription at the drug store. Mom muti-tasking at its finest.

I'm going to take a nap on the couch and pop in Star Wars for the little guy to watch. Don't judge. Hubs is giving a golf lesson at work but is going to relieve me after he's done. What crazy people want golf lessons when it's 40 degrees outside?


  1. OH gross. I'm sorry girl, if the pharm says something, it must be nasty. Prayers for you! :)

  2. YUK! I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh no! That's so awful. Rest over the weekend - hope you feel better ASAP!

  4. Hate to hear that you are sick! Hope you get to feeling better real soon!!!

  5. OH no! Take care of yourself and remember you get the Mom of the Year award for going to Monster Trucks with Strep Throat no less. :-)

  6. Add chocolate syrup? And how did that make it taste?

  7. You poor dear! I can't believe your mom-tasking, you're such a trooper! And I'm in shock over the instructions to gargle with chocolate syrup... That's like the ultimate "if the doctor tells you to do this than you KNOW it's gonna be a rough one" situation... Hope you survive monster trucks!
    and p.s., my Mr. would think that the kiddies could never have enough Star Wars exposure... Slowly learning that he's a pretty big fan (as evidenced by our "big" night last night... Dinner in front of the telly and Star Wars on Spike
    Hope you get well soon!

  8. Oooh no fun :( Hope you get better soon!

    PS- I don't know if you read my e-mail yet but I LOVE the header you designed :) Thank you sooo much!

  9. I hope you feel better soon :(

  10. I think that if we got a dose of chocolate syrup with everything bad in life...well...I guess we'd all be diabetics. The bad things would be sweeter, but then there's the medical bills and the insulin....

    Hope you feel better!

  11. You poor thing... :(

    sending you big hugs, homemade soup and wishes that you feel better soon!


  12. Horrible. So sorry you're sick! Please post the pics of you at monster trucks...I beg you.

  13. I hope you feel better soon! That med sounds pretty bad.


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