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Random Things

I got like 6 requests to do the 25 things about me game on Facebook, so I caved. I thought I'd share what I wrote here as well. I read them to hubs tonight and he "claimed" he knew all of these already...

1.I absolutely love the profession I’ve chosen and love to go to work every day. I could never be a stay-at-home mom, but absolutely and completely respect those that can stay home because it’s harder than going in to the office each day.

2.Art and creating things are my passions. I could live in Michael’s, love graphic design, painting, art exhibits, museums, folk art, photography, etc., and one day hope to make a career of my art.

3.Blogging has been one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever done. I’ve gained tons of new friends online and am amazed at how people online can come together to pray and lend support to people that they have never met.

4.I am a completely different person than I was in high school. Leaving the small city was the greatest thing I’ve ever done and I love everything I’ve experience and everywhere I’ve been since I left.

5.My biggest regret is having a boyfriend through high school and college. I missed out on so many experiences because I was wrapped up in a guy.

6.Being a mom is so much more fabulous and rewarding than I ever imagined. My little guy is everything to me and I love having an only child because it gives me great balance in life. I hate it when people say, aren't you having another one, or don't you think he needs a sibling? I think people make their own familys these days and feel confident he will create close friendships that will be like siblings one day.

7.I want to be addicted to running. Everyone I know that runs looks and feels so good and it’s one of my goals for this year.

8.My son is the funniest guy I know. He makes me laugh on a daily basis.

9.Sometimes I wish I could just get rid of all my “things” and live a minimalist life. I’ve realized the older I get, the less having “stuff” matters.

10.I think Barack Obama is the hope this country needs and get totally disgusted when people say negative things about him.

11.The older we get, the more challenging life gets.

12.I love going on dates with my husband but hate leaving my little guy at home. We usually try to make it home before he goes to sleep so we can put him to bed.

13.I’m obsessed with news and cannot get enough of current events.

14.I’ve learned a lot about relationships since I’ve been married and although we’ve had challenges, we are still in love and still best friends after being together almost 11 years. He's the first peson I call to give me support when I'm down and the first person I call to celebrate in my joy when I'm happy.

15.I’m great with technology and gadgets.

16.I love staying up late and hate mornings.

17.I am most peaceful when I am near water. I love everything about the beach, even the bad stuff – the smell of stinky fish, sand in every crevice and sunburns. I’m so happy to have a husband that shares that same love (not necessarily for the bad stuff).

18.I am amazed at quickly our lives can change direction.

19.My husband is 17 years older than me, but I feel like we are the same age.

20.I’m growing in my relationships with God every day.

21.My best friend and I have been close since we were both dumped by our boyfriends the same week senior year in college. We bonded while listening to Sarah McLaughlin and crying over our lost loves. We haven’t lived in the same state since 1999, but we talk every day and know pretty much everything about each other.

22.I have to start each morning with a Diet Coke and can’t stand Diet Pepsi.

23.I live in Durham and I’m proud of it. I get so sick of people talking trash about Durham. Have you seen downtown lately???? It’s fabulous!!!!

24.I’m married to a golf professional, but don’t like to play golf. I can watch it all day long on TV though.

25.I was hit in the head with a croquet ball by my sister when I was five and had to go to the emergency room for x-rays. My entire face turned blue, but the only damage was tissue. I still have a dent in my forehead that gets red when I get mad.


  1. Durham is a'changin' and getting more upscale every day! Southpoint is the best shopping around -- and the DPAC is drawing in better shows that Raleigh these days! Love your list!

  2. You are a very brave woman indeed...I don't know that I could write 25 things about me. Enjoyed getting to know you better....

  3. Love this! I've never visited Durham OR Raleigh, but think I need to soon, right? :)

  4. I feel that same way when I go out on a date night with my hubby. I always have a good time, but equally love being at home with our little boy. Especially working and being apart from him 50+ hours per week.


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