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Popcorn Belongs at the Movies...

...not on my ceiling. The picture to the right is the current state of my TV room ceiling. We've been living in our house for almost three years now and I can't take it anymore. It's coming off...slowly, but surely.

I've been working on scraping it off for a while now, doing a little bit at a time, with this awesome tool I found at the hardware store - the ceiling texture scraper!!! Did you know they made such a thing?? It's so cool because you just attach a plastic trash bag and it catches all of the popcorn you scrape off the ceiling. You simply spray the ceiling with a water bottle, covering a small area at a time, the scrape it off. I can only do a little at a time because my arms get tired (bonus, better biceps) but I'm determined to get it all off this week.

Then I just have to sand, putty and paint the whole ceiling. Wish me luck. I'd much rather be able to stare at my smooth ceiling from my cozy couch and know I didn't pay someone else $500 to do it for me...I think...

Evidently, popcorn removing is a pretty popular topic - there's a whole site dedicated to questions and discussions just about popcorn removal here:


  1. ahh I hate that stuff!! Does it even have a use at all??? when I was young my parents had a summer rental with popcorn and it would always fall in my eyes when I was trying to fall asleep!

  2. Ooh my parents house as a kid had this stuff!! I hate it and I cringe every time I see it on HGTV. But I'm the same as you - I'd def try and do it myself to save so much money. Good luck!!

  3. is it weird that i want a diet coke and some popcorn right now?? obviously this post has nothing to do with food!

    good luck with your ceiling! and yay for better biceps :)

  4. think of it as a free arm work out!


    i bet you'll have serious toned arms when you're done!

    two birds with one stone! :)

    hope that you have a great new year!

  5. I'm so w/ you on that. I'm glad I read your post b/c my upstairs bathroom has that same problem. We'll be in the shower & a clump of it will fall on us. We may work on it on MLK week, so I'm glad to find out about that tool. But, I'm wondering if it needs to be primed w/ a kilz-like paint b/c ours looks like just drywall under it. Hmmmm....I didn't see you mention priming yours. Do you know?

  6. I'm so impressed that you're tackling this job. Good for you! For me it would be money will spent to have somebody else do it -- mainly because I would screw it up so badly we'd have to pay double for someone to fix my mistakes! Good luck and keep us posted.

  7. What a job. Do you stand on a ladder and do this with your arms over your head? I'm worn out just thinking about that. I think I would have to do a Leonardo and do a scaffold where I could lay down... course, I would probably fall asleep....
    All your hard work will pay off and look great!

  8. Who knew they made such a thing! Interesting. I can't wait to see it finished. Hard work girl-you go :)

  9. Oh my-- we had a similar issue with wallpaper in our former house-- what a pain! Love your blog :)

  10. Preach it! We are looking at bigger houses now and Nick just looks past it. I make a mental note - "That's the first thing that's gone if I get my hands on this place."

  11. Good luck, and good riddance! I remember jumping on my best friend's bed as a child, and she had popcorn ceilings... Every time our hands would touch the ceiling, some popcorn bits would come off and fall into our eyes! I cringe every time I think of the stuff. Hope the removal is going well!


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