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Money Can't Buy Skinny

Oprah's show Monday just goes to show, no matter how much cash you have, you may be able to get skinny, but if you've still got food issues, you're not gonna stay there.

Oprah and I are totally on the same wavelength on this one (not financially, just mentally). Just like her, I lost around 30lbs (for my wedding) and I've slowly put it back on (but I did have a kid somewhere in the middle). At the time, I still felt chubby, still wanted to lose 20 more lbs, but good Lord I would die to be back there now!!!

So, as 2009 is MY YEAR, I'm gonna keep some of the comments from Oprah's show (below) in the back of my mind, printed on my fridge, on my desk at work, to remind me that getting healthy and losing the weight is something that many of us face and it's an issue we may always have, and it's a life change we will have to make to overcome and beat the back fat, the muffin top, the double chin...the cottage cheese...

When she talks about her emotional struggle with food - that is me to a T! This past year has been hard and I reached for the blue chips too...but I like to top my off with melted low fat cheddar cheese and fat-free sour cream...

Oprah says money, fame and success don't mean anything if you can't control your own being:"It doesn't mean anything if you can't fit into your clothes," she says. "It means the fat won. It means you didn't win. … I am mad at myself. I am embarrassed."

After all these years, Oprah says she can't believe she's still discussing this topic. "With all the other things that I know how to do and all the other things that I'm so great at and all the other accomplishments, I can't believe I'm still talking about weight," she says.

"All this year, I've been hiding my body because I didn't want you to see it," she says. "Here I am, one of the most visible people in the world, trying not to be seen on the cover of my own magazine."

In February 2007, Oprah says she put on the first few pounds. Then, as life took over and she began to feel overwhelmed, she turned to food for comfort. "I have known since my early years of working with Bob Greene that for me it is not a cosmetic issue. It is an emotional issue," she says. "When my engine runs down, my drug of choice is food. My drug of choice used to be potato chips. Now, this year, it was organic multigrain blue chips…but a bag of them. So you eat a bag of those a day, and see what happens if you're not working out."

Oprah wants everyone who's struggling with weight to make themselves a priority this year. "Look at falling off the wagon as I am—not as a weight issue, but a love issue," she says. "Like all of you, I'm really good at giving love to other people and my happiness … really comes from giving to other people. But we all need to make 2009 the year we give ourselves as much love and support as we give to others."


  1. Good for you! I am sending all good wishes your way. I would really encourage you to buy Suzanne Somer's book Eat Great to Lose Weight and study the eating method she prescibes. It's basically like the Zone diet...high protein, low carbs, no caffiene (which raises insulin levels which cause the body to store fat). I read her book in 2003 and immediately went on her plan and lost 20 pounds in a matter of a month. It's all about food combining, eating the right things at the right time (like fruit only in the AM). These are things programs like Weight Watchers don't teach..and they are really the things that will help you lose fat (not muscle), keep insulin other things under control, and stay slim for life. I hope I don't sound like I am preaching. I am only telling you because I have been there / done that..twice. And it works without a doubt. I see so many people counting points and still putting crap in the bodies. I'm not sure of your age, but I'm 41 and I also take Omega 3, B-complex vitamin (for energy), a good women's multi-vitamin (go to a good whole foods store and not GNC), and C Ester. You are welcome to borrow my book if you want.. Hugs!

  2. Good Luck! I know you can do it! I am in the same situation you are! 2009 is my year to finally get it together and lose weight for good! I look forward to hearing about your journey!

  3. I saw part of that episode!! It's so true for so many people!! It's a struggle MOST everyone has! Especially women!!
    I am here to support you girl! You can do it! Email me anytime if you need some encouragement! :)

  4. That is a really good point! And good for you for trying to make this year YOUR year! I always go way back and forth on my weight as well, it's frustrating, but there's nothing saying we can't be strong and keep it off! Good luck!

  5. Just wanted to say hey! I found your blog through Carolina Mama's site. I love your header, it's so pretty!

  6. I saw the episode and it really hit home. Blew my mind really. I was happy she came clean and we can also hold ourselves accountable!

  7. I watched it also and it truly made me think...I'm up and down, just like Oprah...down (but moving back up) now and must get back on track, particularly with the exercise part.

  8. You should soooooo do Think Thin Thursdays with me! Head over to my blog for button, and link to Bridgette who hosts it! :)


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