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January Blues

I just need to get these out of my system so I can move onward and upward...

If it's going to be this cold, we could at least have some snow with it.

Christmas is over and I've already forgotten what I got.

I've broken three of my new year's resolutions already.

My yard thought Spring was coming because of the warm period we had and now all of my new buds are gonna get their little selves frozen to death.

Christmas bills are starting to come, even though I swore off credit cards two years ago????

I had to uncheck all of the Christmas songs on my iTunes so they won't play and make me depressed.

I'm on a diet, so I can't eat my way to happiness.

Are you blue? Get it off your chest too!


  1. Ohhh! The winter is NO FUN! Perk up!

  2. i'm just depressed that i have totally checked myself out of work mentally, but have to keep showing up to get things done until the baby comes. i seriously can't get out of bed in the mornings.

    your crayon illustration cracked me up, though!

    and oh my goodness... we're going to have to discuss lost every week together!

  3. I so hear ya about not eating away the blues! Try fudgesicles -- only 100 calories and such a delicious treat to fit into any diet!

  4. Yep, I'm in a funk too! It seems to happen each January even though I go into the month on a high (my b-day is the 5th) and have great hopes for the rest of the month. Never quite pans out like I picture it though.

    Hope you start feeling better soon!!

  5. I'm feeling the post-Christmas let-down, too. And I'm ready for warm weather!

    If you start a petition to Mother Nature for warmer weather, I'll be the first to sign :)

  6. I'm feeling the same way! It seems to happen every January :( I want the cheery happy feeling of Christmas back - HA!

  7. I personally think you look perfectly beautiful the way you are--no diets necessary! So I say, go have yourself a hot fudged sundae and smile!

  8. January is SO awful! I've been having to remind myself that it's just that time of the year & things will get better! They will!

  9. I've got the feb blue! happens every year! I just can't wait for march and the spring time! warm weather and the birds to sing!
    hang in there!


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