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Toddlers and Laptops...

...don't go very well together.

For you moms and future moms-to-be out there, you may not want to show your 3-year-old the online version of Candy Land - The Dora and Diego Edition, because they may decide that after you've already told them no, we're not playing candy land on the computer again, that they are going to climb up on the counter and try to carry the laptop to you in the family room. This could possibly go wrong when they drop the laptop on your wood floors and you get the blue screen of death every time you try to boot your computer.

It may also cause you to have to take your laptop to your IT department at work on Monday morning and waste an entire day waiting for them to rebuild it.

Just saying, it could happen.


  1. What a great blog! I love it!!! Yes, laptops and kids are not a good match at ALL! Even when they get older..they don't think!
    -Sandy Toes

  2. Oh no! I've made the same mistake of sharing the wonderful world of the internet with my kids using my laptop. How I avoided the "blue screen of death", I don't know. But I do cherish the very tiny sweaty footprint that I found on top of my laptop. I guess it makes a good jump base from the couch?

  3. Thank goodness you have IT department to do that - Best Buy would've charged you a lot!

    My dog (when she was a puppy) actually did the same thing year ago and luckily, my neighbor was my wonderful IT department!

  4. i'll definitely remember that! yikes!!!

  5. Note Taken!!
    I have had the blue screen of death before. It is not fun!

  6. oh no!!!! gotcha! thanks for the heads up. no laptops & toddlers :)

  7. Oh girl, I am so sorry. I can only imagine the HORROR of it hitting the floor! I recently purchased a portable DVD player to take on the plane with me next week to entertain the 2 year old. I am not even giving him a glimpse of it until we are buckled into our seats....otherwise, he'll be wanting to play with it 24/7

  8. OMG you HAVE to read my most recent post on what happened Monday night! Almost the same exact thing!! I feel your pain.....

  9. OMg - totally could see this happening with my strong willed child!


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