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My Red Door

We've lived in our current house about two and a half years and I've never gotten around to repainting the dark blue front door we inherited free with our home purchase. I've always wanted a red door and I know lots of people love adding this little extra flair to their home. I'm kinda superstitious, so I wasn't sure if a red door was good for my feng shui and all that jazz, so I decided to look it up just to make sure.

Here's some interesting facts, legends and myths about red doors:
  • In early America a red door was a sign of "welcome." When people had to travel by horse and buggy they had to stop often. If they came upon a house with a red door that usually meant they would be able to spend the night.

  • In old Catholicism the doors of a church were painted red to represent the blood of Christ

  • In Scotland when you paid off your mortgage you painted your door red.

  • In Feng Shui the front door is considered the "Mouth of Chi" where all good energy enters a space. Red is considered to be the most auspicious color in Feng Shui. So it's done to attract luck and good energy.

So, I went for IT (and yes I already have my Halloween decorations up) and the color I picked is Hunting Coat Red by Ralph Lauren, in case you like it!


  1. i love it!!! good for you!

    i found out last year (when purchasing a gift for a Chinese colleague) that red is a good luck color in China.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I wish i was allowed to paint the door here... and i think your wreath is precious! where did you get your doormat?

  3. the door looks great...that is one of my favorite reds!

  4. That's absolutely lovely - and how cool to know the history and cultural beliefs behind it. Beautifully chosen and executed!

  5. I Love it, and the plantation blinds in your sidelights...where did you find those?

  6. I think it looks fabulous! I love a red door. Can't do it this house because it's lemon yellow! Love all the little fun facts!!!

  7. What interesting facts!! And your door looks great!


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